USA and SoE version 4.6.0 (new client)


    Rail Nation Shop – packages and offers:
    The Rail Nation shop got a big rework! Additional to the usual functions, it will now offer a complete overview of all coupons, bonus engines and packages in the game. You can stock up on any number of coupons directly from one screen and keep an overview of coupons in your inventory.

    Train spotters:
    Every 30 minutes, a train spotter is generated and placed randomly near one of your tracks, up to a maximum of 10 train spotters at a time. Collect them by clicking on the little pictures. Each collection rewards you with a money reward. There are 25 different train spotters in total. Once you collect a full set, you will receive a surprise bonus, similar to the last daily login bonus reward.

    Sticky note:
    These notes give us (the developer) the opportunity to send a permanent message to all players on the server, in case we need to inform you about special, ongoing circumstances. For example, on the PTR servers this note can be used to pin test instructions to the server, on the live servers we want to use it to inform you about upcoming maintenances.
    The sticky note will be visible as an additional icon in the upper right corner of the screen.

    Optional widescreens:
    We have stated in the past, that the widescreens will be added to the game and this update will add the first batch.
    Widescreens / centred screens are optional and can be switched on / off in the display options.
    This first wave will include screens for cities, megacities, factories, warehouses, harbours and landmarks.

    Swap production series:
    You will now be able to change the production series of your trains on the fly. Just open the train details and chose from any of your unlocked production series. No need to buy new trains to get a new appearance.

    Balancing changes (new rounds only!):

    • The amount of investments needed for landmarks is now dependant on the number of connected players to the city.
    • SoE: Megacities with positions >10 will need to deliver the same amount as the position 10 city, even if they have a lower level.

    Other changes

    • Plus Account: The required time for routes will now be displayed in the schedule calculator
    • Association deputies can now dismiss workers
    • Reworked the UI design (colours, buttons, etc)
    • Reworked train list to show more details, e.g. all the stops of a schedule
    • Mini map is freely scalable and moveable
    • Added new worker (25% cheaper wagons)
    • Navigation buttons are now available while setting schedules.
    • If super starter package was purchased in the previous round, it will now show the info in the new round window.
  • 4.6.0 Bugfixes

    • RN2018-254, RN2018-2666Fixed positioning of several tutorial arrows
    • RN2018-988Worker auctions should now always show the correct data
    • RN2018-1487Corrected some profit calculations to use correct base values
    • RN2018-1502, RN2018-3099Disabled possibility to delete or edit schedule sets as sitter and added appropriate tooltip
    • RN2018-1706Fixed bug, that displayed wrong rail costs in the tooltip
    • RN2018-1872The last lottery ticket of a stack will no longer show as still redeemable
    • RN2018-1876Extending a worker will no longer use up available gold slots
    • RN2018-1930Loading schedule sets will no longer reset the schedule of trains that keep their previous schedule
    • RN2018-2007USA: Removed information popup about passenger transports
    • RN2018-2032Fixed a bug that made it possible to invest into special tracks while in sitter mode
    • RN2018-2205, RN2018-2403Fixed bug, that resulted in Error 101 or Error 102 when parking all trains in a city
    • RN2018-2289If city competition bonus is active for multiple cities, the icon’s tooltip will now provide all city information and bonuses
    • RN2018-2315Ranking indicator will now correctly reset in city details and city widget after the daily calculation
    • RN2018-2320Copying messages no longer replaces spaces with %20
    • RN2018-2338Thousands separator shows again when entering bids during worker auctions
    • RN2018-2363Landmarks will no longer show 100% progress too early
    • RN2018-2423USA: removed mentioning of twin cities from rail build window when connecting a new city
    • RN2018-2424Station building discount now correctly displayed when more than one discount is active
    • RN2018-2460Fixed a bug that resulted in a mentor being matched to a pupil with inactive mentoring settings
    • RN2018-2461Minimap no longer closes when entering schedule mode
    • RN2018-2462SoE: Supported city information now updates immediately
    • RN2018-2471Buttons regarding joining or leaving an association should now always show the correct information
    • RN2018-2473Removed unnecessary white space from association application window
    • RN2018-2476SoE: Transport ranking in harbours will now correctly show ship names instead of “DELETED”
    • RN2018-2493Fixed navigation arrows for station buildings on max level
    • RN2018-2530After leaving an association, any bids made to worker auctions will be removed from the auction
    • RN2018-2538Removed a comma from the train buy info text for bonus engines Titan and Aurora to avoid misunderstandings
    • RN2018-2539Fixed a type error that would occur when collecting station bonus while having association widget open without being in an association
    • RN2018-2542Connection cost for a city will now be displayed correctly
    • RN2018-2549SoE: Fixed a bug that would prevent the schedule assistant to work for harbours
    • RN2018-2556Fixed a bug that allowed you to halve passenger waiting time for not connected cities
    • RN2018-2557Trains in the schedule assistant will now correctly show their tooltips
    • RN2018-2561Preregister: Start in same association is now selected by default
    • RN2018-2562Preregister: enabled mouse scrolling in the city selection screen
    • RN2018-2573Sorting by growth now correctly works for megacities in the city widget
    • RN2018-2579Factory tooltips now show the amount of remaining instant dispatch charges
    • RN2018-2610Fixed the filter options for the schedule assistant
    • RN2018-2614Fixed bug that could show your train list as empty after watching another player
    • RN2018-2621Landmark level no longer overlaps megacity screen
    • RN2018-2622Description of bonus engine Aurora corrected
    • RN2018-2629Wagon list should immediately show new wagon type if new resource becomes available after city level up
    • RN2018-2638Widget: Sorting context menu will now close when pressing the sorting button again
    • RN2018-2667Landmark: Fixed an issue, that transport ranking of a certain good couldn’t be opened twice in a row
    • RN2018-2669New messages icon will behave correctly now, after leaving an association with unread threads
    • RN2018-2672Association: Applicants are no longer considered part of the association
    • RN2018-2674News on the welcome screen can now be de-selected correctly
    • RN2018-2704KANGAROO: wagons are no longer nested
    • RN2018-2705Licences: Passengers are no longer described as goods
    • RN2018-2712Fixed bug, that would show the harbour instead of the warehouse when opening it the first time
    • RN2018-2719Fixed display bug that would still show trains which were moved to the museum
    • RN2018-2722Competition window will now correctly show the start competition button even if the window was open before the competition started
    • RN2018-2728SoE: Fixed an issue that could make the scenario overview and the politics window overlap
    • RN2018-2729Corrected the description of the time to bid on workers from 4 to 2 hours
    • RN2018-2730Center next factory will now correctly work from tooltip of the good progress bar in a city
    • RN2018-2748Worker window will now always show the correct information
    • RN2018-2749Fixed but that prevented wagon list to open
    • RN2018-2757Selecting and deselecting multiple trains now works correctly
    • RN2018-2769Association: Applicant’s window will update correctly now, once he gets accepted
    • RN2018-2771Fixed issue that enabled sitter to reach gold shop during a sale event
    • RN2018-2774Fixed a bug that could cause a script error after closing the train upgrade window
    • RN2018-2794Fixed a bug that could cause a type error after collecting the first egg during the Easter event
    • RN2018-2801Fixed a bug that could cause a type error during the message system related tutorial steps
    • RN2018-2814Fixed several bugs preventing notifications and sounds to play correctly
    • RN2018-2819Mentoring: Mentors will no longer get matched to pupils with engine house levels lower than 4
    • RN2018-2830Added missing colour offsets to train containers in the train list
    • RN2018-2832Fixed the own position button in the factory investment list
    • RN2018-2837Fixed bug, that would close a widget after a browser refresh
    • RN2018-2841Added missing reset of selection after the train context menu was closed
    • RN2018-2842Fixed the sorting in train widget and added a numeric sorting criterion for train numbers as a second sort parameter
    • RN2018-2843Adjusted sorting to ensure that the adopt schedule list uses the same order as the regular train list
    • RN2018-2850The city list for "park trains" is now sorted by alphabet
    • RN2018-2878The construction progress icon for rails will now display times bigger than 60 minutes in hours
    • RN2018-2882Mentoring: Inactive pupils will not be matched to a new mentor
    • RN2018-2907Fixed bug, that allowed players to leave / be kicked from associations after endgame ended
    • RN2018-2918Schedule: Selecting all trains of the same type by double -clicking will no longer result in trains without wagons
    • RN2018-2922Fixed bug, that umlaut “ä” was displayed incorrectly in the chat
    • RN2018-2927Fixed a bug, that wouldn’t show the indicator if a train wasn’t using its complete tractive force
    • RN2018-2936Restaurant bonus will now be correctly displayed when switching through association members’ stations
    • RN2018-2937Fixed bug, that would display plus account still being active afterendgame ended
    • RN2018-2941Added a close button to the adjust schedule window
    • RN2018-2944City widget will now show the correct overall progress in the tooltip
    • RN2018-2946Using center city function via the competition widget no longer opens the competition window
    • RN2018-2967Deleted players will now be automatically removed from mentoring
    • RN2018-2970Station buildings won’t open if you start or end a drag-movement on them
    • RN2018-2972Messages about finished special tracks now always contain the track’s name
    • RN2018-2979Fixed a type error, that could prevent the opening of the train list while in sitter mode
    • RN2018-2998Text clipping removed from city competition window
    • RN2018-3007Tutorial step “Station concourse 2” won’t trigger anymore without the requirements being met
    • RN2018-3009Fixed shifted scrollbar on the welcome screen
    • RN2018-3040Endgame: Finished goods will no longer be suggested by the schedule assistant in a megacity
    • RN2018-3069Fixed bug, which in rare cases, would prevent the “set mechanic window” to open
    • RN2018-3084Fixed bug, that chat window was unusable after resizing it
    • RN2018-3089Added information on how many passenger train slots are still free to the station concourse building
    • RN2018-3092SoE: Testimonial will no longer show an empty bubble
    • RN2018-3143Widgets: Minimum size adjusted so to not waste too much space
    • RN2018-3145Train widget: The number of columns is now taken into account while calculating the minimum widget width.
    • RN2018-3146Centred trains are no longer selected on the map
    • RN2018-3170Tutorial step “Association“ will now also trigger when already in an association before accepting the step
    • RN2018-3173Prestige ticker will now correctly show all prestige gained during the last 24 hours
    • RN2018-3190Fixed a bug that sometimes would not copy a schedule to all selected trains
    • RN2018-3192Added display of president bonus icon to the landmark tooltip
    • RN2018-3203Reworked reward text for tutorial step “Bank 6”
    • RN2018-3236Idle train indicator will not show for passenger engines anymore if there is no landmark or second city connected
    • RN2018-3274USA: Minimap won’t give search option for harbour anymore
    • RN2018-3285Removed bid button from worker screen if you are already in possession of three workers
    • RN2018-3297Fixed bug, that would not display all investments made into a warehouse
    • RN2018-3312Fixed type error that could occur when opening factory that hasn’t been used yet
    • RN2018-3319Fixed several type errors that could occur during the sandbox tutorial when setting a schedule