Steam over Europe city/LM level question

  • Having a debate on my server about play style. It seems some are saying that the LM should be all GREEN before the city is leveled as it lessens that amount of goods tonnage increase. Has anyone ever seen if there is a difference? I know there is with more active players hauling to the city.

  • the only factor affecting the tonnage for the landmark is the number of players connected to the city.

    It is tested and proved ( I have a 100x30 excel sheet with all the tonnages for landmark, goods and passengers, you can trust me on that one^^)

    EDIT : so for your question : I prefer to level up the city ASAP personally (keeping it 1 level ahead of the landmark at all times), as it decreases the waiting time for passengers (or increases the capacity), therefore reducing the number of passenger trains needed.

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  • I'm thinking about sharing it yep. Probably after the end of my round (1month from now).

    I have to see how the update changes things as well (especially I have to integrate the invests now that they vary with the number of players too).

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  • Theoretically you're correct, however in practice I find that since it is much easier to level the city than the LM and numerous players from other versions used to just hauling to cities, many players prefer to haul to cities and there is no in-game mechanism to stop the city from levelling again. Additionally, once your pax wt in your city is lowered, more people haul FROM and TO your city which often result in non planned city levelling.

    Therefore, in practice I find it is much easier to have everyone hauling to the LM first, filling it to all green since the LM does not consume goods and then quickly put all effort to levelling the city. In few hours both city AND Landmark level together.

    On small servers where everyone speaks the same language your method of keeping the city 1 lvl higher than LM might work well, but on servers where communication is difficult and there are many 'soloists', interfering with everyone else, it is much more difficult to prevent additional levelling.

    We actually did test it, not scientifically, I know, as there are many other factors affecting the outcome, but with 2 cities, one with the city 1 lvl above LM and another with the same lvls, the city with the same lvls was levelling faster than the other.

  • @ Kate Shelly

    I will start sharing the spreadsheet in 2 weeks (after my endgame has ended), first to my actual region and the one I will play with next game, then to the public. If you are still interested write me a message in the forum privately and I will send you a link in 2 weeks when I share it to the first bunch of people.

    I added the required investments for each landmark level due to the latest update (4.6.0).

    The headlines are in french only for now, but if people want me to translate it, I can do that. Even though there isn't much to read except for numbers.^^

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