Thoughts on 4.6.0 update?

  • 3 derailments (crashes) in the first 20 minutes of playing forcing a restart of my account (logout-login). Looks like it could have used more testing on Chrome.

  • Well seems Rail nation almost killed the funplay now.
    Login is verry bad on all servers
    when you finaly logged in and wanted to add researchpoints you get a general error so you have to log in again looks like a vicious circle
    im nearly done with the game

    Thats were I am in the train

  • Yes, we are sorry for the crashes and slow moments.

    Technicians are working on the issue, and it's not related to just USA and SoE scenarios or this 4.6.0 update.

    While waiting for the fix, you are welcome to try a new contest here: Cycle is the word!

    Somehow Railnation always forgets to inform their players of any technical issues... nowadays we have all kinds of social media to shout things into the world and keep your fanbase up to date.
    I thank you Samisu for mentioning this here but maybe you can forward this issue to headquarters, it should be possible to have a guy or girl there who just uses his/ her phone to make a tweet or post a FB message, takes 3 seconds and saves you a lot of angry people..... every company is doing this except travian..