Loading issues in game worlds today

  • Hello dear players,

    As you've noticed, all game worlds, lobby and forum have loading issues. Our technicians are working on it and doing their best to solve these lags.

    These performance issues are global, and it's not just the worlds that got their updates to version 4.6.0.

    We are sorry for the situation and we also understand how inconvenient this is for everyone.

    Thank you for your patience, and we will try and bring good news to you as soon as possible.

    Your Rail Nation team

  • Hello hello dear players,

    Our technical team managed to fix the issues with heavy loads and now all systems are going back to normal. We'll thoroughly look into it tomorrow morning to make sure the situation is completely resolved. If you notice any issues, please, contact support team. We're sorry for the inconvenience and want to thank you once again for your patience.

    Your Rail Nation team