• Would be good to look into adding a widget such as Google translate to the chat/message planes. I have only completed 1 game round so far, 3 more in the works, plenty of time however to see that there can be a significant language barrier on many servers. It does not seem to matter what country or regional server you join. that language barrier is always there.
    Add your thoughts if you agree or not, let's get a discussion going on this one.
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  • Translator widget would need to come with 'use at your own risk' disclaimer

    There is no such translation program that can guarantee that what others write will be translated the correct way.

    I just had an experience where someone was trying to say one thing, and trusted the translation tool gets the job done.

    Player wanted to say, nicely, that 'your behavior is seen as cheeky and that no such behavior is appreciated - please be in contact only if you keep this in mind'

    Translation said 'you dumb snout, never contact me again' (true story)

    And there have been way worse translation errors. People are using local dialects, slang, typos, abbreviations, nuanced, figurative wordings, etc.

    What player writes, you can copy paste to google translate. You will also then consider that the translation may not be correct. But, as a service or a tool that is part of the game, there are just too many risks for misunderstandings. Players would expect the feature to work, while it never could.

  • This is a very good point. When using google translate I always translate the translated text back which shows up many glaring issues, so yeah maybe it wouldn't be such a good idea because people would believe it was 100% accurate

  • Well, no translation is 100% perfect. Even human translations are not very reliable. How can we know if the translation is what the person is speaking is 100 true and accurate? It all depends on the skill of the translator. Based on that, I think Google Translate is good enough for this game imo.

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  • you can use the real google translate if you don't understand what is said. just copy paste the text. Adding a translate programm to the game won't improving the game performances.

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