Era 2 Engines

  • Hi there,

    A question about the uses of the different engine types available in Era 2.

    I see that most players are using the Lynx, but while I am working up my research to get there, what are the merits of the previous engines?
    Black Bear is supposed to be a Tractive Force (8 wagons)
    Panther is supposed to be a Long Haul train. (High Max speed, but low acceleration)

    What is long Haul in game terms? More than 3 tracks? More than 5? Is there a known way to calculate these things based on max speed & acceleration? Obviously there are game mechanics that do this, but I wonder if players have worked this out.

    Should I buy another Bat, a Black Bear or a Panther?
    I am leaning towards buying a Panther, just to see what it is like, but I'm unsure what it will be best at doing. i.e. A journey of 'X' amount of track lengths away. What do you consider 'X' to be?

    Thanks in advance!

  • Hey,
    There is a sheet that does it for you, it is posted somewhere in the tutorials part of the forum I think, here is the link :

    Basically, most players go for the lynx as it is the best one to carry from an industry to the city, and before the lynx they use the falcon from era 1, that is superior than any era 2 engine before the lynx.

    I would call "long haul" something that is 4 tracks without stop in the beginning, 8-9 in era 6 I'd say. But the game mechanics don't really encourage doing long haul.

    PS a train that is sometimes really awesome and often forgotten is the elephant in era 2 ;) But it is not to be used in all cases.^^

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  • Long haul/ short haul used to drive me nuts as criteria when I was first learning.

    I believe a more direct set of instructions is.

    • Chained hauling (supply --- high traction trains)
    • Direct hauling -- (industry to city -- high speed trains)

    Most Rail nation addicts build their own spreadsheets to compare trains for very specific criteria they currently find themselves in, but a quick short cut is to compare the percent improvementent in cart between the high traction train and the low traction train. You get that advantage for each cargo delivery (e.g. elephant delivers 120% of lynx for each delivery.

    Do the same for max speed. (can't remember that one, but I think it is close to 120).

    Multiple stops will give elephant the edge, single stops will give lynx the edge.

    You can do the same with acceleration and wait time. Era 6 has the classic comparison. Lindworms are twice as fast as hydras.and hydras carry twice as much cargo. But hydras take 90 seconds to accellerate while linwormstake 10-20 (apologies for bad memory) So... if a single sop has less than 70 second wait time, lindworms win. If wait time greater than 70, hydra wins.

    The irony of the game, is that most players use the wrong trains for the types of routes they run.

    P.S.... There is never a scenario when you want to be running panthers. ;)

  • The most common format, for Era 2 engines, is that you carry the Falcon through until you have the Lynx unlocked with the Tractive force upgrade.

    The Lynx without the tractive force upgrade, is no greater than the Falcon so it is worth waiting if this is your plan.

    However, lets not forget, that everyone plays a different game. We all have different plans and ideas, so take other peoples suggestions into consideration and then decide what you wish to do. Good luck!


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