Let's talk features after 4.6.0 update

    • Let's talk features after 4.6.0 update


      The latest update for SoE and USA scenarios came with some new features, and it would be great to hear what you think!

      Last thread with this topic got flooded with the unfortunate loading issues, so I thought we could try again. Let's start with these:

      1. Rail Nation Shop – packages and offers:
      The Rail Nation shop got a big rework! Additional to the usual functions, it will now offer a complete overview of all coupons, bonus engines and packages in the game. You can stock up on any number of coupons directly from one screen and keep an overview of coupons in your inventory.

      2. Train spotters (or Trainspotters):
      Every 30 minutes, a train spotter is generated and placed randomly near one of your tracks, up to a maximum of 10 train spotters at a time. Collect them by clicking on the little pictures. Each collection rewards you with a money reward. There are 25 different train spotters in total. Once you collect a full set, you will receive a surprise bonus, similar to the last daily login bonus reward.

      3. Swap production series:
      You will now be able to change the production series of your trains on the fly. Just open the train details and chose from any of your unlocked production series. No need to buy new trains to get a new appearance.

      4. Other changes Reworked the UI design (colours, buttons, etc) & Reworked train list to show more details, e.g. all the stops of a schedule.

      You are of course free to comment on any other new feature or change: USA and SoE version 4.6.0 (new client)