Let's talk features after 4.6.0 update

  • The latest update for SoE and USA scenarios came with some new features, and it would be great to hear what you think!

    Last thread with this topic got flooded with the unfortunate loading issues, so I thought we could try again. Let's start with these:

    1. Rail Nation Shop – packages and offers:
    The Rail Nation shop got a big rework! Additional to the usual functions, it will now offer a complete overview of all coupons, bonus engines and packages in the game. You can stock up on any number of coupons directly from one screen and keep an overview of coupons in your inventory.

    2. Train spotters (or Trainspotters):
    Every 30 minutes, a train spotter is generated and placed randomly near one of your tracks, up to a maximum of 10 train spotters at a time. Collect them by clicking on the little pictures. Each collection rewards you with a money reward. There are 25 different train spotters in total. Once you collect a full set, you will receive a surprise bonus, similar to the last daily login bonus reward.

    3. Swap production series:
    You will now be able to change the production series of your trains on the fly. Just open the train details and chose from any of your unlocked production series. No need to buy new trains to get a new appearance.

    4. Other changes Reworked the UI design (colours, buttons, etc) & Reworked train list to show more details, e.g. all the stops of a schedule.

    You are of course free to comment on any other new feature or change: USA and SoE version 4.6.0 (new client)

  • Hey Samisu,

    I wanted to talk especially about the new landmark functionning in SoE. Now, the investment is dependent on the number of players connected to the city > I'm very happy with that, it allows regions to play more strategically. They can control the price of investments as well as the tons required now.

    The thing is, the "base" investment (the one before the update) is fixed at 100 players in the new update. I quickly calculated, that for my actual game on FR-201, it would mean, for my corp, 25% less investments. (60 to 70 people connected to the city, more than 50% of the total region).

    Because in truth no city reaches 100 players in a lot of servers, this update facilitates a lot the landmark leveling. I don't think that was necessary, as already now we see more and more landmarks --> why encourage it even more, we already reached the maximum level 15... In my case, we started level 14 (so the last one) day 11 of era 4 I think.

    I was really excited with this new feature, as I expected it to actually force the teams to choose between connecting all the cities in the region and focusing on the landmark, developping the team play because you have to convince everybody in your city to participate in the investments, when actually it is simply an update to let people have more money, and allow a landmark to be paid for by 5 to 6 people.

    Fr-201 Bad Wolf de coeur

    en pause indéterminée - away from the game until next interesting server

    Likely coming back for clash!

  • I know the location of Trainspotters is random, but are the specific Trainspotters that appear supposed to be completely random also? I've been online collecting many times a day since it started and some I have 70+ of but just one (Chris) I have never got. I've collected at least 100 (probably nearer 200) Trainspotters since I hit 24/25 and 600+ in total and Chris still eludes me. I get that some are rarer than others, but it seems to me the balance isn't right.The rewards will have to be pretty special to make this level of effort worthwhile and if they turn out to be just the same as the "Surprise" prize after collecting 14 daily prizes I won't be bothering any more so a feature to turn off Trainspotters would be useful!

  • 1. Rail Nation Shop – packages and offers:
    Just a quickie, the window doesn't fit right into the browser window, unless it is fully maximised. So The X at the top right is almost completely obscured when the browser window is anything other than fully maximised.
    This may be a browser / laptop screen size related feature I guess. Thought you should know.

    and I'm confused why there is an option to use Display Centred View, when support told me that Centred view is not supported in this new version.... surely you should remove the button that allows the player to switch on the unsupported feature?

    ..and IF centred view is to be phased out(?), where is the equivalent estimated level up calculation in the side bar view? I dont see it, so I like to switch to centred view for that feature only.

  • In the gold shop, there is no description of what the "4 day newbie status" does, it's one of the features of the Super Starter package.
    I'm a newbie and I have no idea what this is. I have a vague recollection from the tutorials that it does something to deliveries.
    So, this should be explained on the relevant screen(s).