Upgrade Comment - I am freezing!!

  • The new update is really nice, however:

    1) For the way I play the dialog boxes are much too large. They cover most of the screen on my desktop PC and for my 11" notebook unit, they will not even fit on the screen.

    Can you give us the option to have the city and other info shown on the sidebar so the map remains visible? That is much more user friendly.

    2) MOST IMPORTANT!! Please lighten the load on our devices. What good are all these really nice enhancements if the game will not function? For active players, the game freezes dozens of times per day when attempting to set schedules. And occasionally will freeze or dump me out if I stay logged on too long even if I am doing nothing. I use Win 10 and Chrome.

  • Howdy kracker13,

    if with 'dialogue boxes' you meant the chat windows, those can be resized like in the image here. If you meant something else, I'd be happy to hear or even better - see a photo / screen capture of what you meant ^^

    With making the game experience smoother, you could try first clearing cache & cookies (always good after an update), then you can try another browser if the game works there any faster, or if this does not help, please contact game support and tell them you tried clearing cache and other browser and the game is still not smooth enough for you.

    I also found that Display options from upper 'Options' menu might help like in the pictures below. Worth testing at least!

  • since last update i can't visit the associassion membe's. either in SOE, and USA map.

    hello joaocfm,

    I'm sorry to hear you haven't been able to visit association members. Did you try clearing cache and cookies already? If that doesn't work, please contact game support and they should be able to help!

  • Oh, I can reply now about the large dialog box issue I mentioned above.

    I'm referring to the size of the city info and the good facility boxes. They are huge, covering most of the map area! And, like I said, they do not even fit on the screen of my Lenovo YOGA 710 notebook. Someone there in RN support has this same notebook so you can view that issue on their device.

    The city info box looks in size like it used to in the past before sidebars were introduced.

    I much prefer to see my map at all times. especially when clicking through all the cities I am connected to to check for current leveling and red/blue hauling status.

    Other people may like the large city and facility boxes as you now have them. So please give us the ability to choose our preference >> Dialog box or sidebar. I prefer the sidebar display.

    And, to be clear, I am not referring to the chat or widget boxes. Those we can use or resize as we please.

    Thanks and ask/comment if you need more explanation.

  • Other people may like the large city and facility boxes as you now have them. So please give us the ability to choose our preference >> Dialog box or sidebar. I prefer the sidebar display.

    You can change to the sidebar view already.
    Quote from Changelog:

    Optional widescreens:

    We have stated in the past, that the widescreens will be added to the game and this update will add the first batch.
    Widescreens / centred screens are optional and can be switched on / off in the display options.
    This first wave will include screens for cities, megacities, factories, warehouses, harbours and landmarks.

    (go to "Options" (the tool icon up right(on map view))/choose "Display options" from "settings" /scroll down to "screens" and change the status of "centred screens")

  • Thank you for the wide screen information. I shall look at the display options.

    For the game locking up (freezing) problem, I have gotten replies from my corp mates.

    Everyone replying (and others I know that didn't reply) have the same problem. The game freezes or restarts itself following a crash when trying to set consecutive schedules in the later Eras. To try to prevent this happening, we restart constantly throughout the day. All this restarting must put a strain on your servers.

    Most players in our corp are in a dozen or more cities. We run comps and set good schedules frequently.

    If you audit my account, you will see, I assume, that I restart many times a day, either because the game has stopped working or I do so voluntarily.

    Another annoying bug plagueing us: The city location/zoom buttons keep disappearing. This began happening following the latest game upgrade.

    The game freezing problem preceded the latest game upgrade.

    Thanks for listening.

  • Hi kracker12,

    have you contacted the game support already about this issue? They can help with technical and account related things, are able to see more detailed information on your playing account and compare the info with other accounts. It's always a good idea to contact support when you find a new bug in the game. (Will help other players as well.)

    Here you have given 2 new bugs that are new information to me (no similar issues in my games), but support might know about these and see which game worlds / servers are affected, and in which situations.

    Please contact support and tell them about:
    1) The city location/zoom buttons keep disappearing. (when does this happen and is it the same with different browsers?)
    2) The game freezes or restarts itself following a crash when trying to set consecutive schedules in the later Eras. (if clearing cache and cookies didn't help, please mention that also in your message when contacting support)

    It's easier to contact support from the game world where you are facing these issues, but you can also use this link: News and Help Center - Contact Customer Support

    The more info you have, the better - but support will ask you more questions if needed.

  • I know what you mean ^^

    Bugs and issues can be reported here, but bugs can rarely be solved here. This forum area can be used for bug announcements, chatting and information gathering. If for example there's a known fix to some issue, you might find a solution here.

    Support on the other hand is the only place that can help players one on one with bugs and issues, and they will report the issues to devs. When the bug reports do a full circle, we will get a list of fixed bugs here: Changelogs

    Now that you mentioned it, I could actually write a general guide how to use this bugs & errors forum area if that's of some help.