Choose your Feature idea thread

  • Write your idea in this thread by 22.04.2018, using the template described below and tell us what feature you'd like to see. Please also provide us with a draft 'design' of the feature. This doesn't mean you need to describe the feature with detailed formulas, but please give us some details. You can take the following example as a guide:

    Title: A worker offering a discount on buying waggons.

    Scenario: All

    - Worker providing a 25% discount when buying waggons
    - Useful especially in the later eras and just before the endgame
    - Name suggestion: Paul Camille von Denis (leading railway engineer in the 18th century)

    Image (optional): Drafts or similar can be attached here.

    Please stick to this template with 3-4 bullet points. When we evaluate all the ideas later, we will only consider those matching this template structure.

  • Title: Free building upgrade coupon.

    Scenario: All

    - The building can be upgraded for free. So no money will be given.
    - It will be available until the 2nd era. This will give an advantage at the beginning of the game.
    - Name suggestion: Free building upgrade coupon.

  • Title: Stock Market
    Scenario: All
    Description: A real time market based on all players on the server's investment activity in the industries.
    -When a new good shows up on the map, be among the first to get in on the ground floor at a low price.
    -The more investment activity in a good the price rises.
    -Hold a stock until a competition shows up and sell for profit.
    -A finite amount of shares are available. More shares are available for sale as the industries level climbs. Or incorporate stock splits. (2 shares for every 1 you hold
    -A plus account can include a ticker tape feature
    -A stockbroker can be hired with gold
    -Include an unpredictable waveform for economic conditions (highs and Lows) where prices rise and fall slightly.

  • Title: A Drop-down list/ button of Cities to select for Passenger Trains in the schedule

    Scenario: All

    - List of Cities to be selected when planning passenger route for more than two stops
    - Useful especially when cities are far apart on the map - have to scroll in classic to get to each one to click on it
    - Name suggestion: Passenger City Schedule List

    Image (optional): See Attachment

  • Title: Orient-Express

    Scenario: Europa (SoE)

    Description: The famous Orient-Express is on the way through Europe. It can be seen in various European cities such as London, Paris, Vienna, Munich, Milan, Budapest and Istanbul, but also in Madrid, Amsterdam, Athens and Belgrade stop there. Even the cold road to the cold north to Scandinavia and the east to the Kremlin in Moscow is only headed for the Orient Express here in RN.

    - all special routes are unlocked
    - all tracks are laid and usable, but their use outside their own region costs a small fee (customs duty)
    - 25% more demand for people in all cities
    - Regions and cities request goods from other countries / regions
    - possibly (5 different stamps can be collected on the postwagon.
    - The 5 collected stamps can then only allow the epoch package once per round of play for free).
    - possibly (a dining car, post wagon are available and available)
    - The Trainspotters appear faster and more often, as they want to see the Orient Express too
    - A special achievement in the career system exists,

    Title: Electioneering

    Scenario: USA (maybe also classical and Europe)

    Description: It's campaigning in the US and the current president and railroad fan Theodore (Teddy) Roosevelt is campaigning through the US but also abroad. Lukas is delighted and Lucy dines with him in the dining car and gets a small teddy bear from him

    - Toys need 20% more raw materials to produce, but produce 50% more toys
    - The Trainspotters appear faster, as they also want to see the President
    - event duration 2 days and per epoch 1 time
    - Each player receives a teddy bear outfit for his avatar
    - A special achievement in the career system exists.

    yes I know only one suggestion may be made but I could not decide which one I should post and it's just one for Europe (SoA) and one for USA (possibly for all).

  • Senario: all


    -a timer off stopwatch
    -support start competition
    -can also achieve by not letting the start time of the competition (when making a timetable, the time for the start of the competition disappears)
    - is also useful for checking recalculation


  • Title: All associations always have 25 slots.

    Scenario: all
    - More flexibility
    - All associations have equal opportunity
    - Less hounding for donations


    Title: Delivery tariffs

    Scenario: SOE

    - Mayor may put a tax on deliveries to the local landmark and city that goes towards the credit-donations to the LM.
    - This should be an option for the mayor and not a fixed mechanic.
    - Less hounding for donations from everyone.
    - The possibility of donating should be there even with the tariffs.