Passenger Trains

  • Why can't we pick-up and deliever passengers and get paid accordingly? Mean like in real world, where you drop off passengers to a city and pick-up and get paid both ways using that same train? Why must we make dead runs back to the home city which we"ve assigned that train? ?(

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    You should be able to add 10 stops to passenger engines just like with other goods. Pick up, drop off, pick up, drop off etc. You just have to create the schedule by hand and use the schedule calculator only to give tips where's the best money making routes ^^

  • Baron
    Open one of your PAX "one way" schedules. Click on stop 2. Click on the + arrow beside "number of passenger = 0. It should go to maximum. Now just click on the city you want to deliver to (back to stop 1 if you just want a return load).

  • Please do not forget that creating schedules for passengers is totally different on Classic and SoE servers.
    Baron did not tell, which one he is playing.

    On classic Thomas is right, there is a + above the waggons in the schedule window and clicking it, will pick up new passengers. Then your next step should be to set the next destination, either back to the start town, or on to a third one.

    On SoE you pick them up at desitination town, by clicking the town again, and then click the town where to carry the new load, back or further on.

    In both cases up to 10 stations can be set.

    Another one: if on SoE you set the schedule by the assistant functions, just use the buttons above and below the set selection to add another part of the schedule.

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