why cannot sell carier and bonus rails?

  • hi....i want to sell my locomotives carier and bonuses locomotive.or put them on the museum.why i don't have this option?i want to buy new locomotive,for new epocs...this bonuses and carier is no good options for me when i have 4 epocs and them are first epocs.please,make something settings to can choose what i want to do with them...is not fair to stay with them ,ON, forced.thank you

  • Why should anyone sell them? They are additional to your normal engines; they do not need space in the engine house....

    It is just additional income

    (if you want to save the service costs, just park them in any city)

  • no.i just want to sell or get out this locomotive,definitively.them slows down my work.I can not carry the goods from the following epochs, the career one grows too hard and I do not have the option to replace them at least, to keep them in the museum eventually

  • I assume your primary objection is having to scroll past them on the engine list.

    it is kind of a nuisance. In the past, I renamed all my trains so the flotsam and jetsam sorted to the bottom of the list.

    I am not sure if that still works in the latest iteration because the whole double click to select trains of one type is like the greatest gift to rail nation players the world over, so I haven't needed to sort my trains recently.

    Honestly, if/when you sort your list, I think you will learn to love your baby trains for all they do for you. :)

  • Even if they are unable to haul your current eras goods, they are additional income without taking space up in your Engine House.

    If you take into consideration of the volume of money they will achieve you in the entire game round, I think you will be quite surprised in the money that you can earn from them.

    Due to them not requiring a space in your Engine House this is why you are unable to park them, as the career engine is something you earn for progression in the game and then obviously the bonus engines you can win off lottery tickets in each era are exactly that, bonus trains.

    As suggested above, you could change the name to move them to the bottom of the list. I know people that put a Z at the beginning so they are at the bottom of the list. But don't forget, even if you can for example only haul Era 1 in the end game on your career engine, it is still going to haul some Tonnes which will help you.

    Best of luck, and I hope this helps.

    Have a nice day.

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