What happens after the end game (noob question)

  • I've been reading a lot but can't seem to find an answer.

    The question is simpel.

    After the end game does everything reset and do we start a new round with an clean slate?
    Or do we get to keep certain elements we've developt?


    I'm sorry if this question is place in the wrong section or if the answer is clear to all but myself. (be gentle :saint: )

  • Howdy o/

    Your question is a really good one, and in the right place!

    When the round ends, the game world where you played will be reset. Still, if you start a new round in the same game world when it starts again, you will continue with the extra Gold and Plus Account that were left from the last round.

    All buildings, tracks and trains will be back to Era 1, and you need to research the trains, build routes and upgrade buildings again. In a different order perhaps, and from a different starting city if you so wish.

    You can also start in another game world, as we have 3 different scenarios: USA, Steam over Europe and Classic, with different maps and features.

    One more thing that gets carried over to any game world is your Career engine and your Career level ^^

  • The server will restart after roughly a week, where you will be able to play the same server with the Gold you have.

    If it is gold you have purchased, you can log on to delete the avatar, and then collect the gold after a short period on another server. So it is entirely upto you if you play the same server or another server.

    The things that carry forward as stated above are Gold, Plus Account, Clothing, Engine Colours and also your career engine. With your career engine, every game you play no matter which server builds towards your career engine. You choose which part you wish to upgrade, speed, rail carts, what it can hold goods wise, acceleration and reliability ETC. There is no right or wrong, so this would just be personal choice.

    Only gold PURCHASED, will be transferred over when you delete your avatar. But if you stay on the same server you keep it all.

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