• That's pretty useful suggestion! Thank you Brian!

    The time doesn't actually say if the comment was written yesterday or today, and so you can't be sure when the conversation was on and is it late to participate. Adding date and month could make the start of each comment a bit too long, e.g. [May22] [09:47] [United Kingdom] Player name: Comment

    What if there was a colour cue or if the time stamp would be bold, depending if the comment was made within the last 24 hours? What do you think would be the best way to tell when the comment was written, and still pleasing to the eye?

    Perhaps a small star icon at the corner of time stamp like this: [09:47*]?

    I strategically cut off the bottom half of the chat :D:D

  • :D LOL :D
    Samisu, I do believe you cut off my answer to mickelimpan question. That's okay I will keep your secret. ;);):saint::whistling:

    Also, I think that having the time stamp a different color for different days would work the best.