station concourse

  • earnings
    can anyone tell me what the earnings are for upgrading the station building, if the server does not have passenger trains in the game
    at all other buildings you can see what the result of an investment is, for the station building there is simply better prestige, what does this mean or should we simply not invest


  • Hi gil,

    USA scenarios do not have passengers, but the Station concourse does give lots of prestige when you level it up. This means it's not as critical as some of the other buildings, as long as you finish it at some point. Although, a higher amount of prestige helps level up the Lottery building and this could lead to better lottery prizes.

    Do you think there should be something else the Station concourse could give? For example 1% higher income after each day like with the Plus Account, to the maximum of 5-6% depending on the building level?

  • yes, it is not challenging if you do not see anything like reward, a lottery ticket or like you say 1%, or simply like the other buildings, a rising price per upgrade, you can still report how many trains you can by in the passengers scenario. The window can be equal like the other places

  • I'd like ot see teh Station Concourse reduce the costs of connenting ot other cities. Also reducing teh WT in the players home city.

    So Each level of our concourse could reduce connection costs by say 5% and reduce WT in our Home City by 10 seconds. APlus account could double those percentages

  • Another option, with the station concourse because obviously our trains run through there is a very small increase in reliability.

    Maybe one percent for every five upgrades, this way you are still getting the prestige from it but you also gain a benefit for your trains.

    Also please note, there is a medal in the game for getting all your train station buildings to the maximum worth 1000 prestige, so if you are in the position to do so it is definitely worth doing.

    Have a good day,

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