After Game over?

  • Yep, it's a game. It has a beginning and an end and actual winners. That's what makes it worth playing. You do get to keep your gold and remaining plus account though, so you aren't starting completely over. (Also your clothes and engine skins, so you did get to be fancier than noobs.)

  • The server will restart after roughly a week, where you will be able to play the same server with the Gold you have.

    If it is gold you have purchased, you can log on to delete the avatar, and then collect the gold after a short period on another server. So it is entirely upto you if you play the same server or another server.

    The things that carry forward as stated above are Gold, Plus Account, Clothing, Engine Colours and also your career engine. With your career engine, every game you play no matter which server builds towards your career engine. You choose which part you wish to upgrade, speed, rail carts, what it can hold goods wise, acceleration and reliability ETC. There is no right or wrong, so this would just be personal choice.

    Wake up with determination. Go to bed with satisfaction. <3