A little survey?

  • A little survey, with just a simple question.

    Do you buy your engines immediately after unlocking them, or do you wait for all the upgrades?

    I'd like to know what the majority of the players does, and why.

    Table will be updated regulary with the results!


    All Upgrades





  • Immediately.

    Why wait? :)


    OK, I have changed my mind. My new answer is It depends.

    In later Eras especially, I wait for the new engine to become better than what I am currently using before buying it and replacing the older engines. Sometimes I start using the new engine without all of it's upgrades.

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  • Thank you for sharing your opinion, evi1pau1 and Tigerhawk!

    I've added another category, just in case.

    However, my question and survey were aimed to the general rule, and not to the exceptions.

    I know that there are some engines which are worth deploying immediately, and others which need all the upgrades to be better than what you're currently running, but the aim of the survey was just what do you usually do, and not what is better to do in some occasions than others.

    I hope it's more clear now.

  • Tigerhawk shared more than an opinion...

    she shared a magical spreadsheet with a snazzy front end all resplendendant in its native German (product of a certain penguin with a dark side?) that lets you answer the general question for all specific cases.

    She gave you the keys to the castle...
    The mystical oracle that answers the question for all situations.

    I mean, what am I going to write about now that anybody can launch the app to find out they are using the wrong train?

  • I buy them immediatly, but I don't put them on track instant, I put them in the museum and after I have almost all the upgrade (depends on the engine type and era)

  • Dutch. Well, that explains why it felt Germanic and yet, not quite German.

    I don't think I know any Dutch Penguins, although I do know a Dutch Mongol only I didn't think he tinkered with trains. Oh well. Its still a nice clean App. :)

    Say you wouldn't happen to have an app that explains to me how these two sentences are different?

    • Most of the time the new engine is not as good a your fully upgraded previous train
    • my question and survey were aimed to the general rule, and not to the exceptions.