What is your foreign favorite language server story?

  • For Example:

    My favorite was when I was playing on the Czech server and had joined a chat with my teammate referring to me as his 'Broke a$$ teammate"

    That was actually google translates opinion of me. I know my teammate was referencing my Donkeys which were at 50% maintenance at the time.

    I was be reminded of this because of the rampant multi account debate. Because whenever I defend a teammate as 'I don't even know if this player speaks English" I am ridiculed for making excuses, because apparently, everyone obviously speaks English. But the topic also came to mind as I have more than once seen posts in forums and chat that were clearly the product of google translate and they are immediately greeted with animosity for being a clear example of a multi-account user out to destroy the city.

    So... I am curious,

    • am I the only player who has launched a server in a language I could not speak?
    • And if not... any fun translations?
  • No actual funnystories from RN but Iwill say that having worked in real life with many many people who speak English as a second or more language I have had many laughs.

    Some of teh funniest stories were from people whose Enlgish usage was so good it made them appear better than many who were born with Enlgish as their mothertongue.

    The danger with those pepople isthat we forget to make allowances adn assume they actuallymenat what they said. This can be hurtful or funny. Butit isalways best to assume language has been incorectly used that to assume the person meant what they said. Also it cuts both ways.. Ihave had freinds who assumed Imeant one thing when Imeant another al down to one word failing to translate well.

    English is my mothertongue butit is actaully my wife's third language, so we have had many funny incidents over the years especially from her near perfect interpreting :)

  • My funny story

    I played on international and US servers two years ago and czech servers too. My english is weak but i meet very nice people mostly in US. People from US are very cooperative and able to understand others and they know how to kick.
    At the moment, czech community blame me again (never happend on different nation server) of destroying city because they remember me from past on they servers. Always story begins, when they have problem and i push my nose into it/for solution. No matter what problem it was before, now the problem is me.

    They are not very polite to me, and they provoke me to pay them back and when i do it, they report me and i get punishment.

    Today, one guy start rude to me in PM instead he could block me, after i said hello to him.. I reported him and community moderator warn me to not do it again, when i dont want be punished. (happens many time in past)

    I believe that czech moderators have unlimited power and nobody can hurt them. Railnation accept my money, but my voice not. What a horrible world only about moneys and no proudness and honor.

    Way of thinking depends on each nation and czech is last place where to play in my opinion.

    Moderators always stick with they own people and people from abroad are not welcome here.

    /but i work in RL with guys from different nations /not cz/ and we have many funny moments. I am affraid to share here, to not get banned :(

  • Comment
    I am a server participant. City with player Bracho.
    I have to say he has a strong potential to irritate the player.
    He does not know he's doing it :)
    He writes every morning : "good morning" 50 players private message - wants to be a friend
    But I understand it
    I'm trying to be a friend :-)