May the fourth be with you


    Here's a code you can redeem only on 4th of May. Just copy and paste the code above > Options > Redeem bonus code in your favorite game world. Code is valid until 5th of May 02:00 UTC

    May 4th is known as a day to celebrate among Star Wars fans. Rail Nation VS Star Wars, the idea might sound a bit strange at first, but what if the future was here already?

    How do you see the world of railways and engines evolve? What if there was a 7th and 8th era of engines in Rail Nation? Let's hear it in this thread :thumbsup:

    The image is originally from a fun thread called: Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Trains* (*But Were Afraid to Ask)

  • Era 7 and era 8?

    As era 6 rolled along, I had more than one of my new players state "I will be glad when this #!@# game is over". I agreed, but I also told them they would be back, 12 weeks is long enough to

    • get to know the neighbors
    • form a team
    • get to know your teammates
    • get to play as a team
    • be invaded by 'the others'
    • acquire existential crises (is this all there is?)
    • feel like work

    I am not sure how prevalent the creeping ennui of a 12 week game is, but I don't think I am alone there.

    I have always pictured Space Nation like Rail nation only

    • planets vs cities
    • starlanes verses tracks
    • Space ship verses Engine

    The real fun is when you can have the deliveries from space nation impact the shipping requirements of Railnation which inturn 'drive' (yes intended' the needs for Trucker Nation.

    That game would be...

    Out of this world. :)

  • Maybe not a 7th or 8th era (unless they were shorter or different) but an event (advantage, bonus, handicap) to the winning city/corp of some sorts? Something that says it's a continuation of before...

  • I think Era 7 and Era 8 should exist, but only in an Express Scenario, otherwise the game is tooooooo long.

    Have you thought of creating a Short Sprint in Rail Nation for those who cannot dedicate a lot of time to playing but would like to experience a short game?

    Maybe Era 7 and Era 8 could provide the short sprint... just a suggestion?

  • screw the United States I see! Wow it is 4 hours before my times zone hits 5th may and I can't use the code! You guys in Germany can have a full 24hrs to use it???? how fair is that??? I'm laid up in the hospital daily just to get treated like this, this is why this is my last round. So much money and stress spent over the years just for crap like this! Thank you soo very much Travion!

    "I'm stronger because I had to be,
    I'm smarter because of my mistakes,
    Happier because of the sadness I've known
    and now wiser because I learned"

  • I'm with Slopoke...I am in the USA also and we don't have a window of time to use the time I get up your 24 hours is up..this is not so fair for us in the also should let us know some other way then posting it in the foram...not everyone has the time to check it out everyday...thanks so much,,NOT