levelling up cities

  • Having spent some time reading around the forum I have a noobie question please ... there seem to be circumstances in which it is considered 'bad play' by some players to level up a city. When and why?

  • Two reasons come immediately to my mind:
    1) It is the day before city comps and leveling up the city means that you will have to haul a new good that does not have a leveled up facility. This would likely mean high wait times at that facility and therefore a possible big disadvantage in the city comp.
    2) For the endgame--each extra level on the city adds extra tonnage that you have to haul for each good. So many cities often try to strategically level their city so that they stay in the top 10, but have as little to haul as they can get away with.

  • If you are playing on one of teh SoE servers with Cities and Landmarks. It can be bad to leve la City without making sure the Landmark is at the right stage. This usuallymeans teh Landmark or LM is one level behind teh City or level with the City and needs filled with goods; passengers and investmenmts before the City levels again.

    If teh City goes too faerw ahead of teh LM it will make teh LM more difficult to fill.

  • If teh City goes too faerw ahead of teh LM it will make teh LM more difficult to fill.

    Sorry, I'[m a newb and have actually been looking for the answer to this (and many other) question.
    In what way is the LM more difficult to fill if falls behind the city?

    On the Spanish server I was randomly stuck in for my first round, one of my neighboring cities is at 8 -- pretty close to 9 -- but their LM just made it to 5. How does this disparity effect leveling the LM?

  • after each level up, the landmark needs a fixed amount of each good the city has needed so far in the game.

    So if your landmark levels up when your city is 6, it will need the goods up to the 6th level, but if the city is 30 already, then the landmark will need all the goods up to level 30, in other words A LOT.

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  • Secondary question:
    is there a point to delivery RG to a city if it can't be levelled yet? What I mean is that after level 5 it seems (in my limited experience) the slowest thing to leveling a city is getting the passengers to the required level. So before that is close to the required level, should I be transporting goods to the town? I understand I can get PP each day, but if I'm not worried about that, it doesn't seem to make sense to bring RG in. Is there something bad that happens if a RG reaches 0?

    (sorry for the double post)

  • Nothing bad will happen if a RG reaches 0.

    And yeah, you are totally correct, if you want to maximise the leveling of your city, then yeah you should try to transport as little RG as possible while the passengers are not full, and concentrate on those passengers ! ;)

    (well it's a bit more complicated than that, because passengers don't pay really well, the wait time for passengers increases the more trains you have carrying them, and so on).

    If you play on a Europe server, putting all your trains to the landmark while you transport the passengers to the city is very clever and helps leveling the landmark faster, making sure all of your trains do something useful at all times.

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  • Ok, that's kind of what I thought.
    I won the era 2 bonus train for passengers and (of course) always have that running. I also typically have 1 other passenger train running. The rest are changed up every few hours based on a mix of $$ and whatever is needed at the LM or City (or if there is a contest which has a good prize).

  • Is there a point where leveling the LM becomes irrelevant?
    Halfway through era 4 most cities are around level 10. A few are way ahead with LM trailing them by several levels.
    It looks like the LM grants the city the ability to level to: (LM level * 5). I have never been to an endgame, but it doesn't seem like any of the cities could possibly grow past the point where a LM level 9 could get them.

    Is there a purpose to hauling goods to the LM rather than making a greater effort to level the city farther? Is it just the $$ from going to the LM? Is it that you need to haul to the LM to level the Industries to prepare for EG?

  • If you have a great team of experienced players, the landmark can reach level 14 by the end of era 4.

    The time left (era 5 + 6) is enough to level a city up to level 43-44 with an association of 20 people that focus on that. That's why some teams choose to focus on LM until level 14 (giving 28'000 pts to their region) and then only start leveling up the city.

    This era 5+6 thing is explained by the fact that passengers are the limiting factor for city growth at the beginning, and the talos trains (era 5 passengers) are overpowered. And when you reach the beginning of era 6, you get access to another overpowered train, the lindworm, just when the level ups started to get a bit challenging with only centaurs.

    In other words : why bother leveling up a city when using trains that are so inefficient, compared to thalos and then lindworm. You lose so much time and effort, due to city consumption, while the landmark is not affected by it. So it's more efficient to use the "bad" trains to deliver to the landmark, and the use the OP ones to up the city 2levels / day.

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  • the points for the region :

    2000 pts per landmark level
    500 pts per city level
    400 pts per good delivered fully during endgame
    0.005 * prestige of the 100 best players of the region
    + some points if one city in the region reaches the top3 at the end of endgame. (10'000 for first, 5'000 for second and 2'500 for third city overall).

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