BAD Trainspotter algorithm

  • After 1331 trainspotters Ifinally got 1 x award I'm in Era 4

    5 Tickets which gave me

    1x Investment Voucher
    2x 130K
    1x Track voucher
    1x Engine

    After waiting all this time I find that abysmal. If those awards were every 200 trainspotters it might be ok but 1331 ! It is dishearteningly poor :(

  • I was a little vague the last time I said this so this time I will steer clear of the flowery prose and stick to the facts.

    Trainsportters .are a sunday. Every click on a Trainspotter is another spoonful of yummy ice cream.
    You all are complaining that after you have eaten all the ice cream, the only thing left is a yummy maraschino cherry.
    Not only that, but as soon as you eat the maraschino cherry, they give you another bloody sunday, for FREE.

    Now come on, don't you feel the least bit greedy for complaining "I have to eat so much ice cream before I can eat the cherry, that you owe me like 50 cherries"

  • Your sundae reference may be true. Consider this. Hunting for transtalkers requires you to log in more often and stay on longer. They can use these stats to sell more advertising. If you are a video watcher have you noticed the decline in frequency of non Travian gmbh videos? With more folks online more often they can use this to sell more advertising. Why else would they not fix the errors and put in what only amounts to pretty pictures and eye candy?

    Like being used?

    p.s. You mentioned bloody sunday. U2 much?

  • I think I was referring to the fact that by the time folks get those five lottery tickets they have already received millions of dollars from clicking on those spotters.

    I have tried to figure how those spotters might provide a revenue stream beyond just keeping folks logged in and active more. Honestly, I just think bubble popping is a basic time killing mechanism these online games provide as a diversion.

    Yes I like Sundays Very much, U2?

    P.S. They got booed when they played a concert at my college during spring break because they moved the venue indoors. That was their best (only) known song at the time. :)

    P.P.S... I did think Sunday, Bloody Sundays when I typed that phrase.

  • It took me 1811 trainspotters before I finally cleared it. Now I am back with only needing 1 person and I'm sure it will be another 1800

    "I'm stronger because I had to be,
    I'm smarter because of my mistakes,
    Happier because of the sadness I've known
    and now wiser because I learned"

  • For an active player far too much of my time is spent chasing teh one trainspotter showing as present but not easily found. So getting an award every 1500 spots [average my 1300 witrh teh 1800 menmtioned] should reflect that effort taken.

    I disagree with teh Sundae comparison... for me it is far more of Rocket Lolly where teh best flavour is on teh top and long gone by teh time you reach the end.

    It has to be considered that an active player will have tracked over the map making finding those spotters a lot harder and time consuming. Using teh vouchers is unwise too as that just means another win is required to fill them up again... a win that mightr have been Gold or Plus24

    Admittedly in Era 1 and 2 it can makea difference when you log in ot find 10 spotters and add that income up, but the benefit reduces and teh hunting gets harder. The only incentive is an award that is proportionate.

  • waste of time to me. if they are on screen where i happen to be working, i'll click them away. very rarely do i go hunting for them anymore, no i haven't completed a set. with the rewards i've seen posted so far, waste of players time given the amount of time needed to find the last 3 spotters.

  • I realize there are a lot of OCD types playing this game for whom having to find every last trainspotter is more a compulsion than a game mechanic.

    Having my own set of mental wirings I need to compensate for I do sympathize, but the first step on the road to recovery is recognizing you have a problem.

    1. You don't need to click on the trainspotters... problem solved. you have already made clear how unimportant you feel they are to gameplay.
    2. You definitely don't need to click on that 'last' spotter ... if you are active and believe spotter cash is valuable you just need to make sure you have room for one more spotter, not 10 more spotters
    3. If you really can't sleep at night without first tucking in all your spotters, 10 gold before bedtime is not too steep a price to pay for a full night's sleep. And before long, you may find you don't really need to spend that 10 gold to fall asleep after all.
    4. If you really, REALLY need those 5 lottery tickets asap, you really only need to obsess over finding that last spotter when a star appears on your trophy.