Wish list item

  • Title: Freebies when sitting.

    Scenerios: All

    Description: What is your Sitter Able to do ?

    Allowing sitter to use: Free Instant Upgrades, Free vouchers aka: mechanic, boost, instant dispatch, Licenses, from lotto tickets and daily login’s: NOT TO USE GOLD. just / only the Free Vouchers. would be Great that Sitters could access those.

    Thank you..

  • Good suggestion Deez, it's really frustrating as a sitter to see a pile of instant upgrades at era change and not be allowed to use them. Even if it were an option that the sittee could set (like the HQ donation)?

  • @Uschade Ideally the game should be able to differentiate between habitually sat accounts and those that are occasionally sat.

    The proportion of actual time teh owner of teh account is playing would be one factor in an algorithm including amount of time sat by others and teh IP of sitter and sat account should be considered to reduce abuse my players using mutliple accounts from a limited number of IP's. Additional factors might include Servers teh player plays and the styles of play might also provide data such as rogue behaviour.

    Taking IP into consideration would mean that a few players would find thier family could not habitually sit for them. Also for those of us who only trust a handfull of sitters, we might have to expand our freindships or playthe account or server more often.

    For players who want to dabble with playing the rogue game perhaps some limitation might stop them using a sat account. Break that tally and your trains auto park for so many hours. This would reduce teh liklihood of a player using multiple accounts to support each other on the same server, even if sat by other players on their behalf. In other words an apparently 'respectable account holder' having other accounts played to disrupt other teams, or attack other players in an underhanded manner. Regardless of wether Support could prove teh accounts were against the Rules.

    The result would be a fairer more interesting game, and would allow us to enjoy a greater flexibility on what can be dine in a sat account.

    Many of RN players are elderly and health can be erratic. At times Iwish Ihad a sitter for all my servers, but when Iam well Ioften want more fun from playing more servers. Ihave seen a few great players just vanish for weeks due to health issues, butthey disappear in a manner that leaves thier teams weaker and their account falling into losses.

  • I personally Sit (as several of you know) for my father regularly when he is ill or in hospital (It is how i became addicted to the game actually) and now have account and rounds of my own on the go. As we live in same house we make sure that we never play on the same server. I have on occasions sat for other players and they have for myself..

    The only thing i would like to see added/ Changed on the sitter side is maybe if the person sitting could use there own gold to extend the Plus account if needed (maybe restrict it to just one week a round or something) Because if you have a health scare or family crisis last thing that crosses your mind is dive online and hit a top up. But it can spanner your complete rounds work if you forget and miss it and in my case leave the sitter feeling guilty if the person they sitting for drops back because of fewer upgrades possible.

    Just a thought.