Railway Riddle

  • Just because they were both on the bridge during the same morning doesn't mean they were on it at the same time.

    Train A sped East on the Bridge at 8 a.m. leaving the bridge at 8:30 a.m.
    Train B running West didn't reach the bridge till 9:15, and left the other side at 9:45.

    There is room between the trains being on the bridge and still being in the same morning. Therefore the answer is that they didn't collide because they were on the track at two different times of the same morning.

  • To be fair, you didn't say they were on the track at the same time.

    But your picture shows both trains at the same time. Of course the picture clearly shows the left train is not on the tacks so clearly they didn't crash because it had already derailed. But that doesn't seem very likely, so lets try some more realistic options.

    My favorite possibility is that the bridge is actually a Mobius strip and the trains are clearly anti-grav trains. One train road the top of the tracks while the other rode the bottom of the tracks.

    There is of course the old standby... they didn't crash because one of the trains spontaneously combusted moments before the collision, only to see the other spontaneously combust moments later. Freaky.

    The Star Trek answer to all problems. A rift in the space time continuum opened moments before the collision whisking one of the trains off to Stavro Mueller Beta.

    I am not very good at riddles like this for some reason, can I have the lottery tickets anyway?

  • They cant stop over the SHORT BRIDGE, but they were over the NARROW BRIDGE, so they should be able to stop.

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  • the trains passed the bridge on different times

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  • Well, here's a fine puzzle, however I thinks the answer is that the trains crossed the bridge on different mornings, which explains why they didn't crash.
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  • theres no collision because the two trains used the bridge at different times of the morning. same morning different times.

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