Do we have any trainspotters among us?

  • Hello everyone,

    I would love to start a thread to honor trainspotters among us. There are hundreds of sites for people sharing images of trains they captured with their cameras. In the early days young kids ran to the end of the peer and wrote down their notes, but now trainspotters are using cameras, videos and internet. One fascinating site with trainspotter stories worth visiting is here:

    Do you have experience spotting trains, do you know someone who has or do you have great images you've taken of trains? Share your stories and images here <3

    In the next video, Ian McMillan reads a poem called Love Me Tender, and it captures the old days so very well! The full poem is a lot longer if I remember correctly.

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  • Best man at my wedding was COO for the Buffalo Southern railroad... Actually still is.

    When you are COO of a railroad with one engine, that OO can refer to Operating the train Often

    Also, when you are the COO for a one engine railroad, repairing and 'spotting' railcars is not an insignificant portion of your revenue stream, or at least it wasn't back when he was best man at my wedding. :)

  • For a number of years I commuted on teh Manchester London linein the UK. So I would often meet trainspotters logging their details. I eventaully started keeping a note of certain Engines but only those that I was hauled by. I remember the spotters excitement as newly named Engines pulled into the station. For me though Iwas usallymuch happier to see the Second Class carriages full and hope for teh free upgrade to First Class that often resulted :)