Classic version 4.5.2

  • This changelog only affects Classic worlds with the old interface.


    • RN2018-2907 Fixed an issue that allowed associations to pre-register with more than 25 players
    • RN2018-2214 Fixed the “my position” button in factories and cities
    • RN2018-2706 Inactive players should not be matched anymore
    • RN2018-1930 Loading a schedule set will no longer reset the passenger trains when the schedule stays the same
    • RN2018-2572 Improved chat server stability
    • RN2018-1487 WORKER: corrected calculation of 40% bonus + 20% bonus
    • RN2018-2561 PREREGISTER: Start in same association is now selected by default
    • RN2018-2967 MENTORING: A deleted user will now correctly vanish from the mentoring program