New interface - Research window, upgrades price

  • I'm playing classic scenario that started few days ago. It has new interface and things are missing. Research tree is gone! ;( You can only see one train at the time. And I can't see price for train upgrades before they are researched. Am I missing something? ?(

  • Yes, that server. So compare old and new interface. New is total crap. Research tree only shows trains without upgrades. And when you click on engine you haven't researched, where are the upgrades prices? How do you know where to invest?

  • Though not as easy as seeing them in a line in the old research layout, you can review the upgrade costs in the screen where you buy engines. Just go to the engine you want to see, then open the drop-downs to show which upgrades you want to see. They'll be pale when not yet researched, but visible.

  • Well that's really inconvenient, isn't it? Anyhow, I believe 'harisedon' was commenting about the Cost in RESEARCH POINTS, not the dollar cost in buying an upgrade.

    Never fails, when programmers and developers decide to 'improve' an interface, it ALWAYS ends up not being an improvement.

    I have another thread over in the Bugs section. Seems like this 'fantastic' user-interface upgrade doesn't allow you to Exit Out of the Gold Shop.

    And I can't find the Trainspotter menu/option either (you know, where you get to view all the Trainspotters needed for the 'great' bonus). Saw it once, but it disappeared and no where to be found. Maybe someone can give me a hint as to where it is hiding.

    Geez developers, don't you ever test your own work?

    Edit: Well, I found the Trainspotters Menu. It's located in the Medals button. But still looking for the Exit Option in the Gold Shop.

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  • Nice to hear you found the Trainspotters menu HodgePodge, and I hope you'll get used to the new interface soon. It's a lot nicer compared to the old one once you get used to it.

    You can exit the Gold shop from X at the top right corner.

  • Hodge Podge, to find the Trainspotters again. Load your medals, in there this an option to switch to Trainspotters.

    I hope this helps.

    PS I hope you do get a great bonus! :)

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