World Cup Prediction Game and new Ajax skin

  • Have you been infected by football fever yet?

    The World Cup is just around the corner and once again we are looking for the best football expert within the ranks of the Rail Nation community! Put your skills to the test and win big!

    We have reactivated the Rail Nation prediction game. Players who already registered during the 2016 European Championship can just log into their existing accounts and join the new round. Of course, new players are also welcome!

    ⚽ [url=''][/url] ⚽
    You can change the site language from the bottom of the page, once you've registered

    Sign up for free, beat the other players and win awesome prizes!

    We wish you lots of fun and good luck.



    The biggest football tournament on the planet is approaching and we want to celebrate together:
    we have designed "The World Cup train" as a production series in Rail Nation and we offer it to you for free!

    The train carried the German national team back from Bern, Switzerland, after winning the World Cup in 1954.

    DB VT 08 Series ("The World Cup train")

    The DB VT 08 Series, called "The World Cup train", is a diesel high-speed railcar built by the German Federal Railways for the first time in 1952. The engine is known from the feature film "The Miracle of Bern", which tells the story of Germany's unexpected victory at the World Cup from 1954 in Bern, Switzerland. Maximum speed: 140 km/h.

    Game update for this new engine skin is on 12th of June. To get this production series, all you have to do is to sign in after the 12th of June update.

    This huge event will take place from June 14 – July 15 in Russia, and we invite you to participate in Rail Nation world cup prediction game here: ⚽

  • Important update for those who didn't yet receive the new special Ajax skin

    Here's a bonus code you can redeem from Options > Redeem bonus code


    You can copy and paste the above code or write it exactly as it is, all small letters and words together.

    Thank you for your understanding and you are free spread the word ^^