Improved Server? :S

  • Dear Rail Nation Developers and Technicians:

    Your newly, upgraded server is:

    - clumsy
    - hard to follow
    - freezes up at awkward moments
    - buttons are too small
    - train schedules: confusing and extremely hard to maneuver
    - SLOW and DIFFICULT to launch
    - Edit: Facilities have no names or directions ... such as "Clock Haven West" Fixed!
    - where the heck is the freakin' Planning Office?

    Ever hear the old adage:

    "If it ain't broke, don't fix it!" … ??

    Maybe it'll take some getting used to, but many of us would rather have original Server back.

    Is this 'upgraded-improved' server a result of the impending browser-ban on Flash Player?

    If so, well then, I may give you some benefit of the doubt. But you could have made the new server version more user-friendly.


    Just my 2¢ …

    HodgePodge (to Crankshaft and Beyond!)

    PS: Love the Trainspotters. ^^

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  • Dear Rail Nation,

    I have to agree with HodgePodge. Your new UI is horrible. I thought is was a deliberate attempt to make people spend money but your plus account status doesn't make gameplay any easier. There is a 5 second delay on every click/action. Why is this? It's not a connection issue or performance issue on my end. Why does the service option disappear? Why does the entire action menu have to reload it's self after you've done something? I had hope that I could travel with the game on a mobile device. But your UI is such a pig I can't do any quick checks. I apologize for not having the technical knowledge for specifics but your new UI seems to be very inefficient. Good luck in the future.

  • Hi @HodgePodge, I hope it's fine I merged your two threads?

    If there are issues with the game, please contact game support and give them a list of any bugs or errors the new UI brings to your game.

    Clearing cache and cookies is always a good idea to start with, and also if possible, test another browser. This information helps support a lot.

    And to @Brymn as well, I hope you'll get used to the new UI soon and find it to really be improved and useful. You can learn more of the new UI here: Interface and client update for Rail Nation Classic

    If you have any feedback on how to improve the new UI, I would be happy to hear and forward your ideas to the devs. Now the UI works the same in all scenarios (USA, SoE, Classic) and in the app version, so there's no need to fix and improve two different interfaces anymore.

    I promise you, there are a lot of benefits even if the UI takes time to get used to, and these decisions are made with the player experience and the future of Rail Nation in mind.

  • Now the UI works the same in all scenarios (USA, SoE, Classic) and in the app version, so there's no need to fix and improve two different interfaces anymore.

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  • @ Samisu: Please don't 'promise' me that I'll suddenly start liking your new (not) improved server. In fact, I dislike this new server so much, that if you're planning to change all of your servers over to this CLUMSY one, that will be the reason for me to quit the game altogether.

    I'm sick to death of fighting the game just to give my trains a simple, integrated, schedule. And I detest the new darker color scheme on the adventure map. And the 'Overview Map' is too small and UGLY too.

    Like I said in my previous post … we players are NOT your lab rats to be taken advantage of or for granted. You want us to buy Gold, but I HATE the new server! Won't buy any Gold. And thanks for ruining a once wonderful game! :cursing:

  • Hiya, it never was my intention to decide for any player how they are going to feel about the UI. I'm sorry if I made that impression. I've been there myself, and kept playing with the Classic UI. Well, until I got used to the other UI.

    My wish is that all players will see the good things that come with the new UI, I think that's a better way of putting it :)

    I'm more than happy to gather ideas and thoughts on how to make the game experience more fun and less 'clumsy'. For example, the darker color scheme being too dark is very valuable feedback and something I'd like to hear more about.

  • How about this 'feedback' … give players a choice as to which server type they want to play on and which one they're comfortable with. At least let us know which server type is being presented in a new game round BEFORE we sign up and start.

    Like I said before, if Rail Nation is planning on switching all of their servers to the upgraded one, then I'll probably be leaving the game. It's not fun for me anymore with this new awkward (and ugly) server.

    So far, the only 'improvement' on the new server is the Trainspotters Hunt. And even that leaves a lot to be desired. As usual, there's always one that never shows up. I have all of them but one. Of course, I'm only into Era 3, so there's still hope, if I decide to see this round through to the end.

  • Quote: 'The time has come! Following the Rail Nation scenarios Steam over Europe and USA, the Rail Nation Classic game worlds will also soon be equipped with the new client and user interface. This patch will be installed on all Classic worlds restarting after 14th May 2018.'

    Here's a link to the full announcement: Interface and client update for Rail Nation Classic

    So, whenever a new round of any game world starts, it will have the new user interface. Lights are turning off one by one, and all servers will be upgraded to the new user interface, new widgets, new mini games like the trainspotters and so on. Focus and future updates will be with the one and same interface we know from SoE and USA scenarios.

  • I have to agree with HodgePodge. New interface has its issues and to be honest im considering to ignore the trainspotters.. in era 4 and only 1 round completed (100 gold - YAY). not active enough? Well - 1593 trainspotters clicked and have been missing 1 for over a week now to finish round 2. I have a hard time seeing what's the catch with trainspotters. (150+ tracks, makes it even worse to complete - NO i dont like to spend gold to collect..)

    Passengertrains are hard to deal with because of slow clicking and error 108, 102 and 101 when parking and setting new routes,