Please fix coms in Cylinder Head express

  • When are you going to fix comunications in Cyliderhead Express com-5 ???? since you decided to break something that wasnt broke this game is a joke of what it was. WE have playes who cant use your new chat box and some cant use pm's you have made a mess of a perfectly running server so get on the ball please if you gonna update something make sure it works before you use it !!!

  • In general - we did notice a problem with the chatserver connections after the update. Many players were connected to the chat via a fallback solution instead of the regular way.
    The issue however, was fixed yesterday afternoon.
    If there are still issues now for some players, we need more details of what happens (or not happens) exactly, so we can figure out a solution.
    It would be best, if the affected players would contact us personally, so we can try to figure out the issue with then together.

  • I will try to get players to post here from our server to better help. Personally I cannot create a topic in news section and my chat box fails at least 1 -2 times a day where it dosnt work at all even after refreshing several times. I have team mates who cannot answer pm's for it wont let them I have others where chat box dosnt work at all

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  • Chat simply doesn't work for me on Android on COM-05. I try to open a message and get a blank white box, no message in it. Sometimes if I reload 5-10 times I can finally read the message, but then I can't post.

    I've been using my laptop for messages, but now I can't login on the desktop version, so that option is gone.