research engines

  • Hi. Kind of a newbie question......must you research all engines in each era to go to first engine in next era or does it reset for each era with first engine of that era

  • You can always start researching from the first train of each era. Completing the research tree as far as the coupling (the last researchable 'upgrade') allows trains to haul the next era's goods (e.g. era 1 trains to haul era 2 goods). However it is not necessary to research the next era's trains.

  • Yes also the mods that go with them. You must also use your gold to buy the skins for the engines so you have them next round. Lab should be the first building upgraded and the last one to be boosted. You need to research your engines so you can have better equipment. My suggestion research all steams and only buy sprinters to start then do that same with Diesels until Era 4. Also get that Roundhouse upgraded and your track.