Mail box flag dosnt apear to tell of new mail

  • Now I have to check mail box every 5 min or so to see if I have mail started last night and continues today. Thanks for the great update on server really working well I am on 2 other servers and they run fine but this one is a mess.

  • Ok next problem when I switch to sitter I lose all sound and everything has black streaks thru everything and when I switch back still no sound till I refresh a couple of times . Great update thats for sure !!

  • I get a error when setting up multipal train runs I set the runs up and when I click lets go I get a error and only a few trains get the run and the others stay where they were even tho I have more than enough money for all the waggons

  • Hi Boog64,

    I merged your comments into one thread, I hope this is fine?

    I'm sorry to hear of the issues in your game, and after an update it's always good to clear your cache & cookies to make sure everything is in place. Did you do this already?

    If clearing cache and cookies didn't work, please contact game support and explain these issues there. I'm sure they can be more helpful!

    Have a nice sunny Saturday!