Messaging channel for association chair and deputies only

  • There are other options than Whatsapp that offer personal privacy.

    Try Discord or Slack

    One thing for sure the ingame comms is rubbish. Too prone to posting a PM publclyand no editing or deletion. My personal prference is Discord as it has a resizable window independant of tthe game. Butsublte cjhanges in Browser can mamke any comms sutie handle differentlyon different machines. In other words try it ot see if it suits you

  • Thank you for the idea bgk135,

    which of these features would you prefer, or does someone have other ideas? I can forward the wishes to devs then ^^

    1. Private chat where tapping 'Select chat partner' icon would have an option to add more than one person?

    2. Tapping 'News' button > 'New message' you could fill multiple names

    3.'Add' button would be added to message threads where you can add participants from your association in a similar way you would add from 'Select chat partner'?

  • Hi mmmcheesywaffles o/

    These are just cropped images I took from the game to find out what players wish for. Devs aren't offering these things yet, but I will send them ideas we come up with here ^^

    In option 2, separating participants with comma could work, but I still think an add-button to conversation makes it easier or more clear. When you tap 'select chat partner' from private chat, a window appears with tabs for association, friends and all. Similar window could work also in option 3, but you can also pick and add players who are offline. With option 1, you would be able to chat in real time on the other hand...

    I'm not a developer so all I can do is share your ideas on how to make chatting more fun in the game. Or is it still easier to use outside apps like whatsupp, discord, facebook etc?

  • Being able to create an invited group channel in chat for the leaders of a city would be my choice. In endgame especially I would like the option of chatting through calls with a small leadership group without it becoming too public.

    I guess a group message thread would do the same thing, but the smaller resizable chat box would be better. I would prefer a group thread than multiple recipients for individual messages for leadership discussions, but it too might be a good addition.

    I'd like to be able to invite whoever I wanted, regardless of which association they are in or if they are chairs/deputies.

  • Whilst I like Neilus' idea, Iwould still opt for Discord as I like being able to manoevre the Discord window anywhere on my screen and when pinned to my task bar in Windows the icon shows when PM's come in.

    The ability to set up several live and separate groups enables me to have thhe same peple in several live windows but not with all teh same patricipants.

    So this means eg as a Mayor I may need to keep other Mayors, Chairs and Councellers and the President available to deal with issues relevant to their city. I may also need an area for some of those people but not all of them.

    As a team leader Ilike being able to quickly put a few key players into one group to haul in a specific pattern that may not be the public call, which if it was called publicly might cause confusion requiring detailed explanations to othre plyers who mighht not understand how it helps them too. For example in an EG having key players fill secondaries from RG's further away so that the main haulers can close teh CG faster.

    If disputes ariose it is useful to have several players able to meet and discuss in private.

    HOWEVER, Ipersonally find the Chat in game is to vulnerable to mistakingly choosing teh wrong thread. I have seen that I am far from the onlyplayer who makes this mistake. So if RN wants to help us with this theywill need to provide a lot more comms flexibility. having multiple chat windows available in teh widget would be good. Though to match the usdability of Discord those windows would need to show when a participant has posted. Not just a time and date but an aleret when the window is behind others

    @Samisu The choosing window would need tick boxes and preferably change the colour of teh chosen players in the window. This would help avoid the wrong players being invited into a 'room' tehy are not meant to be in.

  • I guess maybe non-chat messaging is more what I was aiming for. The ability for the Chairs and Deputies to discuss (whether online or not) association issues without creating another public (to association) thread that may or may not be used to discuss members (disciplinary/lack of communication/rogue hauling/disrupting neighbors, etc). Essentially where visibility was only granted to a deputy or higher level but where time zones may be 12 hrs different.