New interface

  • :(;(X(:/?(:cursing::thumbdown::!::?: Am i the only one that thinks that the new interface is a step back and the main screen looks so dated and child like i'm afraid that i will probably give up cannot get used to the fact that the interface is so all over the place
    Sorry RN Team but its just not as good as before once the last server goes over i will not be playing anymore.

  • I've been reading this thread with interest. I came new to both the beta and the new interface at the same time so perhaps have a different perspective. There are things I like in both but on the whole I found the new one easier to get used to.

    My main issue with the new interface was the small print but the last update went a long way towards improving that …. and if you can do the same for the condition bars on the trains then I would be really happy :)

  • Ok guys, I have been playing this game for over 6 years so I have seen a ton of changes over the years. It took a looooong time before I would even attempt one of the European servers which have been using this new interface for a while. I admit that it took me about 2 Eras to get used to the newer style of interface but that I was playing both Europe and Classic at the same time, I started getting frustrated with Classic because you had to do so much more just to switch your trains around. The App was using the new U/I as well so I started logging in to my App when I needed to move my trains because it was just easier to build routes, especially multi stop routes.

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  • A couple of things that Classic had that we no longer have i nthe new UI are .....

    The ability to add wagons of dofferent RG up to teh total tonnage hauled ie ability to reduce wagons to make room for integrated RG

    The ability ot add through Scheduler Full integrated schedules for an RG without using teh picking window showing the farms.

    I would love to see both possibilities developed adn added into the Scheduler as they certainly add strategic value to the game.