Smoke Chamber has loading issues

  • Hello,

    I´ve been trying for the past 42 minutes to login Smoke Chamber and so far….nothing.

    It´s taking ages to get the first red bar done then it freezes at 83% on the next red bar screen.

    I´m using Edge & Windows 10 and I´m pre-registered for this round.

    Any help would be appreciated.


  • Thanks for the info, Samisu :)

    Waiting is the word….127 players 102 online at the moment...I´m still out and the red bar is still on the 83%...

    Can pre-registation be good and faster way to start a round ?

    Well..., it should be,... it would be... but it is not….

    Please fix that bug asap….one hour is already gone….and my online time for now is almost over….:(

  • Now the server is fixed and everyone can login without issues.
    Those of you who got logged in earlier and are missing pre-reg features, have two options:

    1. You can play further and accept the situation as it is, or

    2. You can send a ticket to game support asking to delete this avatar, and then login to the round again after getting an answer from support. All the pre-registation issues will be fixed this way, even if it does take a few extra steps.

    We are sorry for the inconvenience, and hope you can build the railway business of your dreams!

  • Not at all happy with that Samisu... What about any and all monies spent on this round so far... And as the original login had all featues coming across, like supoer starter pack,, etc ,, will we still get that on second log in???

  • Already asked Support about all those issues and I´m waiting for their reply.

    One other thing, in my HomePage the score and prestige are still 0 althought I´ve been playing for the past 40 minutes and gained about 200 prestige points….

    Can this be another part of the current BUG that We are talking about?

  • Good questions Viking Jagger!

    To your second question, contacting support will only remove game character (avatar) from that one game world. Your account can have multiple game worlds open and all those other avatars will stay as they are.

    And the first question, when you contact game support with a request to delete account from Smoke Chamber, support will check your purchase history and what you have on this avatar. I suggest you tell support if you have super starter package you would like to have returned as well, when a new avatar is created. Support will give you all the necessary details, but it's still good to give a list of your needs when contacting support.

  • So because the tech monkeys messed up again everyone just has to accept the status quo. If that's not a kick in the teeth for customer service I don't know what is. I said it once and I will say it for the millionth time stop with all the bells and whistles and all the nonsense stuff like the train spotters and just fix the core issues in the game.

    We invested 3 months in the last round on Smoke Chamber and all preregistered for the new round that just started because we are all friends and have played on the same teams for a long period of time. Now because of the tech monkeys being incompetent at there jobs we all have to suffer for there screw ups.

    You and customer support can spin this anyway you like but it just continues to show how incompetent the staff at Rail Nation has been and continues too be. Also continues too show how little you care about your players both paying and non paying. I am still willing to bet my last dollar that someday Rail Nation will suffer the same fate as Truck Nation. So put that in your pipe and smoke it for while. X(X(

  • Good news!!! :)

    My association has appear with all the 21 slots and already 3 members in it….but the downside is that I´m still off of it and can´t join in cause the opens slots are only for pre-registered players.

    Since I am one of those players I´ll just have to keep waiting for it. :)

  • Thanks for updates.... I have worked out that I am better off as a player by sticking it out...... BUT I think it is total crap that as pre registered players we don't have an assoc.... But to join one that has come over as expected,, we cannot.... because the places are reserved for pre registered players.... Is this the biggest balls up RN have ever done???? if not it is getting very near.........

    Just dismissing/ having it deleted, to correct this is not good enough as there are no full assurances that people will get back what they have put into this round already..... In fact we will lose out all ways... If we restart we have no guarantees,,, even you admit there are no options to be able to ensure that.. Plus we know that support don't read tickets,,, they send standard responses as a first....

    If we stay as we are we have to run for 3 days before we can join the assoc we should have been in for a start... Do you think we area all total idiots????? we are getting screwed as players again