Server Restart Notifications

  • I'm not seeing any indications that servers are restarting. They used to get posted on the home screen/lobby and would be there days in advance. Now, for at least 3 different restarts, I've stumbled upon them - 4 days late twice and got lucky today with Loch Ness. I certainly know about Lucy wanting me to buy plus accounts though! ^^

  • Hi Railin Ron!

    In the lobby, you should see a round starting right below the game logo. Starting rounds are listed domain by domain, so for example the international flag on the top right corner lists all starting international rounds. If you pick the US flag, US-rounds will be listed and so on.

    The same thing happens when you visit the game's front page. lists all int worlds about to start, and lists all US servers.

    I'm not sure if this is what you meant, but it's something that came to mind. You can also visit the forum once in a while to see if any worlds are about to restart: Serverstarts

    Btw, now the home page under 'Server Information' is bugged and not updated since the last global maintenance. Lobby should still list all starting rounds, or if there's a maintenance coming, the wrench icon will give you a cue in that case.