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    • Widgets are a feature that has been introduced on the new user interface.

      There is various different features available that you can set as a widget. For example you can have an association widget which allows you to collect your own and your associations bonuses without having to go to the train station. It also allows you to watch the videos of yourself and your association. There is a refresh tool for this widget, it can be refreshed at a maximum of every 30 seconds but then allows you to watch the bonus videos if someone else has done the clicks.

      There is a competition widget - this shows you the competitions that are active currently, or are coming up and once you are entered shows your place until you have finished the competition. It also shows in the city competition the tonnage your city has delivered of each RG so you know where you need to be focusing.

      There is an engine widget - which shows how much percent servicing your engines have.

      There is a city widget - where it is easy to see where you are ranked in the RGS, to the cities you are connected too. This can be customised so that you have all your cities, or just one. And can be changed from day to day.

      To add widgets - in the bottom left corner of your screen you will see the chat bubble. Next to that is a + sign. If you click on the plus sign you can pick which widget you would like. You can have them all, you can have none, or as many as you like. Thats what I like most - it is a choice.

      I hope this helps.
      Wake up with determination. Go to bed with satisfaction. <3