Special trains, trips and experiences!

  • Hello everyone,

    Have you ever made a very special train trip or have you seen very special trains? #Safiren, one of our players did!
    Recently she made a wonderful trip with some friends and co-workers from a Swedish Rail Museum in Gävle (Järnvägsmusei Vänner - en stödförening till Sveriges Järnvägsmuseum) The museum was invited to go to a train event in the Southern part of Sweden. She wrote a small diary and took some wonderful pictures. Take a look!

    Please feel free to share your stories and pictures as well!

  • Day 1

    I'm a member of “The Friends of the Swedish Railway Museum”. The 31 May we (40 people) departed from Gävle Museum for a 750 km journey (100 km/h) to the Museum in Ängelholm. When you are a Friend you have access to the trains belonging to our museum so we traveled with a RC 1007 locomotive, built 1967. We had a restaurant wagon, a bar wagon, a wagon with arm chairs (very comfortable), two sleepers, a cinema wagon and a freight wagon.

    It was my first journey with the Friends and it was so awesome to travel with our own train!

    Day 2

    Old trains are noisy! I didn’t fall asleep until we arrived at our destination 5:30 in the morning. I got a couple of hours sleep before my husband woke me up for breakfast. Today’s mission was to make everything ready for the anniversary. After dinner we spent the evening in Sahlins wagon - the bar. Cozy armchairs here too.

    Day 3

    You can’t have a Railway anniversary without a steam locomotive. This was built in 1900 and in use until 1979, I was told. You could buy a ticket for a short trip. The children were fascinated (and the parents too) when the conductor cut the tickets in the old fashion way!

    Day 4

    This is the cutest little steam train I ever have seen! It was built 1888 and renovated in 1890 when the Swedish king Oscar II wanted to try it. Of course a royalty couldn’t sit on hard wooden benches so a Royal coupe was created in the front with padded cushions on the seat, double glass in the windows and a little stove so His Majesty shouldn’t be cold.

    The Railway crane

    It was built in England in 1948, shipped in parts to Sweden. Weight 127 ton (127.000 kilo) and can lift 50 ton. It has been used at serious accidents and to exchange railway bridges in need of repair. Last time in use was 1979 when a train set crashed in Nässjö.

    Safiren also made some video's:

  • I once had the pleasure of riding the Flying Scotsman whilst it was still in service.

    Although I have seen the Mallard in service I never rode it.

    As I am in Manchester, UK, I have seen the various old trains stored in the Museum of Science and Industry. I recommend train fans to pay that place a visit :)

  • Hi mmmcheesy waffles,

    do you have a picture of that train by any chance? Would be great if you could post it here!


    The images worth looking at maybe subject to copyrite so Ican do better :)

    Here is aa link ot teh trains fansite... About - Flying Scotsman

    The Mallard has its own WiKi pages... LNER Class A4 4468 Mallard - Wikipedia

    Although I had a camera with me when Isaw the Mallard Iwasn't fastenough to catch it's photo. It was just puillling out of a rural station when I was travelling in a bus over a bridge across the tracks. There was no mistaking its classic shape and colour :)

    When Irode the Flying Scotsman it aws at night adn my most meorable image of teh journey was tosee another Steam train joining our tracks a few miles away. The sparks from the Scotsman made it impossinble tro risk opening a window but the train in the dsitance was also sparking furiousley. A very impressive sight.

    Here is an example very close to the image I remember, although of a verydifferent train...