select train type

  • Hi Poshandboots!

    There are quite a few menus with trains ^^

    Would you like to send a screenshot of the menu, and tell more about this feature to select either passenger trains or freight trains?

  • i have been thinking about the posibilties for selecting trains. But i think it would be nice if you can make groups of trains that you can select. like the red kyte you dont want him to join competitions in other cities.

  • One of teh best ways of offering such selection is to have a drop down list of groups created by the player. TRains may belong to more than one group


    Player has Falcons Elephants and a couple of Lynx... the player may create a group called MAX haul that includes al lteh trains hauling RG
    ANother group might be Cargo BE, or Pax BE... Yet others might be Fastest; Competition; MAX PAX;

    Adding a feature in Plus that allows teh player to set trheir trains to be included in one or more of teh set groups. So a players MAx upg Lynx might be in teh groups.... Fastest; Max Haul; Comps
    but not in teh group MAX PAX.

    The players Elephants migh appear in group Comp; max haul;

  • This is something we want to implement. We don't have a concept yet, so it might still take a bit until it will find its way into the game, but we are working on it.

    I can give you practical examples of what I run into in my game right now :

    - I have 30+ cities connected, and I do a bunch of competitions, so I need to use the museum a lot, and split my trains. As long as there are only a few trains, it's fine to select them one by one, but once you reach era 6, and the 25 lindies, it becomes a pain to do those competitions.

    What mmmcheesywaffles proposes would be the perfect thing, each player could customise his groups based on the needs he has. Another thing I could think of, is when you double click on a train from the list, instead of selecting all of those trains, it could select only the trains with "the exact same name" or "the same skin". That way, I could split my 2 groups of lindies easily, instead of having to pick them one by one every 15min.