Is Lucy going to make it?

  • Lucy should ask: "If I were to ask the other conductor which train goes to William's party, what would he say?" and then take the other train that they will tell her.
    M1.201 Scandinavia

  • Hello Samisu,

    My correct answer to this contest is as follows:

    The question that Lucy has to ask, no matter who the conductor is talking about, is the following: "The other conductor would say that the left train does not go to Williams?" If the answer is no, then Lucy has to travel by train on the left.

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    Lacidd23 :)

  • Thanks for the help, Lucy did pick the right train and they all had the best Birthday party ever!

    Where would the other conductor point if she wanted to take a train to William's? And, so Lucy picked the opposite train. Smart girl our Lucy!

    Here are our lucky winners:

    @Sissy Voss from US101 Golden Gate
    @Elysar from Loch Ness
    @ctony c from Firebox

    Thank you everyone for participating! Got a few laughs!
    And congratulations to our winners, the prize will be sent soon ^^