Improvement to the new In Game Messages

  • The new In Game Messages / "News" gets very busy with messages from individual players all rolled up into the same place as system mails, association and city forums. It's difficult to manage messages and find something like the City Forum in all the clutter.

    At present, I'm having to look through 2-3 pages of messages to find what used to be the City / Association Forum, we're only in era 2 and I honestly shudder to think what it's going to be like come the End Game. :(

    Some suggestions to improve the big humongous glob of messages that came to the classic servers with the recent update:

    • Could the "forum" type messages be in bold? That would help make them stand out from the crowd!
    • Different icons and colours for the different message sources would also help

    => Folders for City, Association, People to group the different message sources?

    • This one is more of a suggestion, but would greatly help me manage the day to day mails. Would it possible to have a toggle on the unread messages marker, so that if i get a mail that I'm not ready to reply to just now that I can reset it back to "unread" to remind me to follow up on it later. (it's something I do with my real life emails and is a great way to remember to follow up on things) ;)

    Thoughts, suggestions, comments welcome - this is how we communicate in game and it's important that it works WELL for all of us! :)

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  • I also wish that when you clicked on the city, you had the option to open the city forum from there, like you did on the previous server.

    As well as that, I also agree with all suggestions. But being able to access by clicking on the city is the big thing for me. :)


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  • We've now got the latest version of the News system on our server, it's a step forward for the most part, well done. :)

    Lag is an issue now, the new mail system is very laggy and I'm refreshing more often than before.

    Another concern is the number of people who have told me they missed a mail I sent them, which is why they didn't respond.

    I was wondering how the bookmark and unread flags work, are they something the system does automatically, or something that we can use to help remind us that a particular mail needs a response or following up on?

  • Hi Toots!

    There are lags indeed, and people are searching for the cause as we speak. I will get back to you when I hear more, but at this moment I'm sorry I don't have more information. Haven't had any lags or other issues in my game since the new message system, so I guess this affects only some players. But I do know how annoying lags can be and I wish for a quick fix.

    The other thing you mentioned about players missing a private message you sent to them. All parts are separated in the message system (private communication, system messages and the forum) and you should get a notification with a number how many messages you have unread.

    If a topic is important to you, you can bookmark it from the star icon - and if the topic is something you do not want to follow, you can tap the bell icon to disable notifications from that thread / conversation or whole forum area.