Changing Home City?

  • I can't seem to get my Home City changed. ?(

    Here's what I did so far: Went into my Profile, clicked 'Home City'... but all I keep getting is the Schedule Assistant window. So I scroll over to my desired city name at the top, but nothing happens. No option to save my change and when I leave, my Profile shows my Home City is still the original one.

    Where is the option in the Schedule Assistant window to save my change? The new server doesn't save it automatically, like the original server did. :cursing:

    Anyone, please help (if you can) and THANKS in advance. <3

    - HodgePodge

  • I do it that way : settings (top right corner) > profil settings > city > I get a list, I choose the city I want from that list, and my map is centered on the new city I just selected, saving it.

    Otherwise, maybe try restarting the game, sometimes it helps for those home city issues.

    Hope that helps !

  • Thank you, thank you. I got it now. So (in new server) no longer go into your Profile Avatar in the upper left corner, but go to Settings in the upper right corner. Thanks again. :)

    Edit: Addition to my above post. You can also go into your Profile Avatar (upper left) and choose Profile Options -> City. You can change your Home City here as well as in the Settings menu.