Let's talk about the Update 4.8.0

  • Generally I like it so far, but the inability to use the "enter" button to give a new line in the messenger is very frustrating; it just sends the message leading to me cluttering up others inboxes or abandoning formatting altogether.

  • The following I noticed immediately but I waited hours to be sure.

    In my Era 6, Day 12 GC game running 25 Lindys + career engine and all bonus engines, I had to abandon using the notebook PC today. The game was locking up frequently when attempting to set schedules following the 4.8 update, where previously it locked up much less often.

    I switched this game to the desktop PC which provides more reliable game service and it is also locking up more often following the update, though less than the notebook PC.

    And actually, up until this update, my Lenovo Yoga 710 notebook and also my Dell desktop unit were performing much better than in previous games. So this release is a big step backwards from the standpoint of reliable game play.

    Hope this information is of use to the developers.

  • Thank you @krack_kat and @Fleshlumpeater for the feedback!

    If you see any issues in the game, please contact game support and share your experiences with them. I'm sorry to hear the game is 'locking up' and I hear someone else had something similar with tablet (believe it was the in-game message system).

    This is all good information and I suggest you send any technical information to support, thank you :)

  • Generally I like it so far, but the inability to use the "enter" button to give a new line in the messenger is very frustrating; it just sends the message leading to me cluttering up others inboxes or abandoning formatting altogether.

    This is now a configurable option, in the new interface click the gear icon. there is a setting as to how the return key is handled.

    Hello everyone<br><br>

    Massive Update 4.8.0 is ready to launch and it comes with exciting new features, balancing, fixes and smooth new graphics. What do you think about the 4.8.0 update? Share your thoughts here :thumbsup:

    To me it is not much of an update. The newbie slot is a waste, the message interface was in no need of an overhaul - but does need fixed so messages actually load on mobile app, and the rest is mostly cosmetic. I would much rather see patches and bug fixes than cosmetic updates.

    I am glad they tried to balance trainspotter distribution....i won't hold my breath to see if it works though.

  • Feedback on the ‘Big Update’
    Big Ben:
    Pros - The colours of the messaging system, are far better as they are sharper and make it easier to read messages.
    People like the new design of the engine house

    Cons -
    There is a glitch with Trainspotters where when you collect them it says you got $0
    Some people still prefer the old messaging format
    They believe clarity of the colour of trains has been changed – and they are too bright

    Fire Box:
    Pros – A player has acknowledged, whatever updates are done there will always be someone that does not like it.
    They like the new format – but it is taking a bit of time to get used too
    They like the new messaging system – it is easier and simpler to use
    They like the fix that has been applied to the bug regarding timetable calculator
    Cons –
    Significant lag for multiple people (myself included, on all servers I have an avatar on)
    Examples of where people are freezing – MAC OS 10.13.4 Chrome 67.0.3396.99 Firebox 61.0.1

    Suggested feature to be implemented from Firebox – that you can use WASD to move the map around the screen. :)

    Wake up with determination. Go to bed with satisfaction. <3

  • I like the new messaging system, Found the icon setting and configured the enter
    key option. As for Mentor for newbies? not really sure how that will work for both the
    mentor and new player.

    Love the new graphics and brightness, much easier on these old eye's.

    Other than that, have not played the game long enough to notice any other significant
    changes and alterations. Not yet completed the whole 6 rounds.

    Not experienced any major lag or other issues like the others above, but I will let you know
    when and if I do.

    Otherwise, great game, like the changes so far and look forward to playing for along while.

    Oh I play on a 64bit beast of a gaming computer, not sure if that makes a lot of difference.

    The Bitch Of Australia

  • Some thoughts about the new mail system, It's an improvement but there are a few things that could do with looking at:

    1) I think the mail grouping could be better, it's not intuitive having mails from people, RN and forums in the middle group, I'd prefer to have them at the top, especially the forums
    2) The box where you type a new mail is far too small!!! I can only see one line at a time, how can I review what I'm typing before I send it.
    3) It was difficult to scroll back through my system messages on the tablet this morning, I couldn't get back through all the posts since I went to sleep (I use this to check on events while I was offline)
    4) when we got the new system, all the mails are marked as unread - I got this from one of our players "this one gets the mails clogged and some of the mails get lost or unread. as of this moment i have 100+ mails unread. so please bear with me if i dont reply immediately. "

    *** Above all, the messaging system is very laggy and the game freezes more than before ***

  • about the trainspotters : I think it is much faster now (maybe even too quick ?^^). I think I've completed 2 sets in 1 week.

    So this feature is maybe less frustrating now ! :)

    Fr-201 Bad Wolf de coeur

    en pause indéterminée - away from the game until next interesting server

    Likely coming back for clash!

  • about the trainspotters : I think it is much faster now (maybe even too quick ?^^). I think I've completed 2 sets in 1 week.

    So this feature is maybe less frustrating now ! :)

    Perhaps for a very few very lucky players. Not so for those who collect every time there are 10 available and have collected over 2000 and still have not collected all. The trainspotters are simply like the lottery and a few win and the rest work for nothing. Trainspotters should be set up so that after a certain number are collected all are collected. Every player should collect them all not just a few lucky ones.

  • Re the new update:
    "If it ain't broke, why fix it?"
    The glitz and glamor is great however the glitz and glamor have made it so top heavy it has fallen flat on it's face at times. Right now I have set to copy a schedule and it has locked up again. Browser problem? Perhaps but not due to browser failure. Both FF and Chrome are latest versions. If it is browser problem, then programmers have written without taking the browser capabilities into account. There is simply far too much data the program is working on to perform as it should.
    The game has been great for the last couple of years I have played but I question whether I will be back for another round or not.

  • Hey

    I like the new update all way around, and yes some small prob - but hey if U want development U need to accept some small issues, better small issues that no development, because no development means dead over the game.

    I like this game and like the way RN trying to take it to new LvL, and yes some things could be better (Buy some more gold, so RN can hire an extra man).

    But all in all i like it and look forward to new updates

    Go Go

    Cheers Rype

  • I have big problems with the new update.

    First of all and the most important, they do not announce when a new competition starts, neither by sound nor message, even if I checked the box to be announced. This is very disturbing, I am upset for that, because sometimes I miss the start.
    Secondly, the general music and sounds ( including cities and factories ) stop while playing, all of a sudden.

    I told about the problems with the competitions to a Romanian moderator before the update, he promised he would get this to the attention of the technical department and I hoped that the new update will fix the problem, but they didn't.

    In conclusion, I am very dissapointed with this update.

  • Personal messages (from another player) are not moving to the top of my message list. Thus I am not seeing them unless I scroll far down the message list.
    Individual players remain on my message list in the original position as their first message to me.

    This resulted in a player thinking I was ignoring him so now we are involved in a costly investing squabble.

    I sent a fix request to Support but thought it should also be noted here.
    Support said they would send to developers.


  • Thank you @kelzo for mentioning it here as well. Sounds like the new message system could need a little fine-tuning, and this is really good feedback!

    @Șarpele the bug with sounds is known and on the list of bugs to be fixed. And about the competition announcements - have you contacted support yet? That's the best way to find out what is causing the bug, so please contact support and let them know when the bug appeared, on what browser (or does it appear in all browsers), and did clearing cache and cookies have any effect.

    @Art.Cohan I hope you contacted support about the schedules already? I haven't heard of schedules getting locked up, but I'm sure support has if there are other players with the same issue. Plus, that's the best route to devs as well :)

    And thank you everyone else for the feedback so far :thumbup: