Would you take William on a trip with you?

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    [/align] Can you spot William standing by the ticket booth? He's planning to make a railway trip to another country, city or state - and he would love to hear your thoughts where you would like to take him.

    If you were to travel with William by rail, where would you two go? Would you take a trip to famous locations close by, eat local food or take a railway museum tour?

    This same post used to be a short contest almost everyone missed, so here it is again as a regular thread without an end time.
    Share here your story of how you would spend a day or two with William, travelling the railroads somewhere close to you. Can't wait to hear your stories!

    Here's a couple of pictures you can copy to your desktop and attach to photos you have taken yourself or use a photo bank (like in the image above). Have fun!

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  • Well, not a real trip, but a mail of yesterday caused a dream tonight. A real weird dream ...

    I found myself on one of the tiny but wonderful caribbean islands I sailed some time ago. Blue waters, warm sands, warm feelings, a rum punch in the hand .... but then ... there on the beach ... was William!
    And William was inspecting a pirate's chest, full of gold and diamonds! So good I had my smartphone and could take a picture.

    What is this dream telling me? Is William planning to cooperate with pirates in the Caribbean? Is he planning to fight them, by drowning them in railroad tickets and take their chests? Or is he collecting prirate chest spotters for a new game? So many questions ... but here's the photo:

    Drei Gruppen sagen immer die Wahrheit:

    1. Kinder 2. Betrunkene 3. Jeder, der verdammt noch mal stinksauer ist.

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