Endgame confusion

  • I started playing this game less than a week ago. When I chose my first city, I was offered 100 gold to play in US103 Broadway (Express). I feel like I was paid 100 gold to make a big mistake. Based on my limited knowledge, I thought New York, my home city, would not make it to endgame. So, I made another mistake. Thinking that the round would be over, and I would be playing a new game/round soon, I exhausted my resources in order to gobble up some quick career points. To my surprise, I am now in endgame, even though New York did not qualify (or so it seems). As I understand it, I'm supposed to be listening to a caller who tells us what goods to haul to our city. But, what city? New York was not in the top ten. Is that still my city? I am also connected to two other cities in the top ten. Am I supposed to support one of them? How do I know who is my caller? Any help here would be great. I feel like I am lost and a hinderance to my team.

  • Hey,
    So usually each faction (red / blue) regroups on 1 or 2 megacities, and tries to win with that one.

    But you, as a player, are free to do whatever you want during endgame. Most people like to try and regroup in order to stand a chance to win the megacity contest, while some prefer to stick to their old city, and some chase PP around (you can make a lot of those in endgame, if you have a lot of tracks around the map).

    Normally, there is a team of callers for each city. So if you want to regroup with one caller, you should look for which megacity he is calling, and join him ! ;)

    Don't hesitate to ask your association chairman, or a caller you spot in the in-game chat or in-game forum. They will probably be happy to guide you a bit.

  • Ok, it sounds like I can choose which city to support. What is PP? At the moment, I am not in an association. How is an association different that a corporation? Next time I'm in game, I'll try to find a caller and a city. At least I am connected to three megacities.

  • PP : prestige points.
    Association = corporation for me

    Usually you will support whichever city your corporation also supports, but the game is specifically designed so that you can support any city. ;)