Track length

  • Hi. I'm new and have a few questions that I haven't seen answered.

    Does anyone know how long a track length is?
    I like to do my own math on things and figure out the best engine for my needs. But to do that I need to know how long it is from point A to point B.

    Also, do engines slow down at all other than when delivering and picking up goods? As in, when I pass through a city to deliver to a LM, am I losing speed? I tried watching "train details" and it doesn't seem to be the case that I lose speed, but I was hoping for confirmation. Also is drop-off instant? Does it take a second? What about pickup at a 0-wait industry? Is that literally my train comes to a dead stop from 100+ kph and then starts back up again?

  • - track length is not constant. Some tracks are longer than others. I will do the math on how long the most common tracks are soon. But I don't know yet.

    - I believe that cities, landmarks and industries are considered as "points", so they don't really occupy space. And drop-off is instant. So basically, your train goes from top speed to 0 when picking up or dropping off, and that's it.

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  • I would rather say that in SoE version of the game distance between factories, city, landmark are the same (around one city). Check it out by choosing one train and pick some factories of distance 1 track. Of course it is not true that distance of 2 tracks is 2*(time of 1 track). The case is that you don't have to speed up your train twice. But you can have an general idea what the time of delivering, depending of lenght, is.

  • the map of railnation consists of a bunch of hexagons
    1 hexagon is big like a low leveled factory if you move your mouse over you can see it
    One track consists of hexagons with the size of that from the factory.
    So you can count now how many hexagons each track have.
    When you deliver goods from factory to town you have to add 1 hexagon factory where you pick up the goods and town or factory you deliver the goods counts half.
    If you cross a town or a factory you have to count 1 hexagon more
    Each hexagons length is 125 metres
    Hope this will help you for your calculations