Investments Halts Server

  • Can you please fix the bug, where investments completely freezes the game?
    When I get to about 10 it slows down, at 20 it completely stops working.

    As a programmer, I cannot even imagine how badly designed the investment system must be, for this bug to be there. Whatever the problem is, fix it, and please do it fast.

  • Hi hi :)

    Have you contacted game support already? That's the fastest and best route to send both technical information and account information to developers. You can contact game support from inside the game, or from Support link found here on forum and in the lobby. The more information you can send to support, the better: Are you playing on PC or Mobile, did you clear cache & cookies... Those sort of things.

    I'm sorry to hear of the lags and I hope it's something that can be fixed really soon. Investments are an important part of the game.

    Generally speaking of new graphics versus bug fixes - I know how it looks like, but resources for designing the game elements and fixing bugs aren't actually taken from the same pool. And with resources I mean mostly people. Different people have different skill sets. Someone with an eye for beautifully crafted new engine house might know nothing about fixing bugs vice versa.

    Anyways, thank you for sharing the bug here and please contact game support to share your experiences. That would be most helpful and appreciated.

  • Then I suggest you reduce your graphics pool and incread your bug fix pool. Your updates are maingly graphics and very little gameplay anymore. Oh yea you did add a new worker that tries to get us to spend more gold. Not today, ISIS.

  • You have got a forum here for bugs. Have support look here. I am not gonna waste more time on reporting several places.
    I have described the bug.
    And it has got to be a known bug, because the game completely stalls when investments get larger, which is a no-brainer, when someone designs that area to constantly update with ALL investments made. That is such a bad design it screams to the heavens.

    Honestly, sometimes I have a feeling, that it is amateurs that are working on this game. Very disappointing. But even more disappointing, how you can make changes to an area and not test it through. EVERY SINGLE TIME.

  • Have you contacted game support already? That's the fastest and best route to send both technical information and account information to developers.

    @Samisu I see this response on the forums time and time again, and frankly it disturbs me. I cannot keep quiet anymore.

    I am and IT professional managing a team of System Admins maintaining thousands of virtual servers both in world class data centers with VMWare and in the cloud with Azure. If my customers reported a problem to me via a forum titles "Bugs and Errors" that frankly my administrators and developers should be reading DAILY - and then i followed up by telling the customers "I know you reported this in Bugs & Errors, but have you tried putting in a help desk ticket? Please call 1-800-###-###" - Well i would be out the door so fast my chair would still be spinning when my last paycheck was cut..

    I love this game and most things about it, and yes the community (myself included) complains about this and that sometimes unfairly....but WHY DO YOU HAVE THIS FORUM IF YOU AREN'T GOING TO USE IT AS A REPORTING TOOL!

  • Howdy, I understand well where you are coming from @Nerisrath

    This bug related forum area has been a good place to share information and experiences on bugs or other issues, like global connection errors or ad videos that aren't playing for anyone. I'm in contact with HQ and can give updates here on forum when I get some. We can help each other here, and that's the main purpose of this forum area. To share useful information.

    But, usually the buggy situations have technical details or other details, even personal details that are best not to be discussed here on forum. For example if I contacted support and wrote to them about a bug x in my game, they can see useful details, they can ask more specific questions and they can also compare earlier tickets or cases. Support has tools for faster and better ways to move account related information, one on one. All of my account information will be kept out from public discussion, and the case is solved faster without others joining in with their issues.

    We have people in support waiting for players to contact them. And they are happy to help in any way they can. Forum on the other hand is not built to work as a one on one bug fixing/service platform. If I can see that a topic (bug report) needs to be handled by support and there's nothing I can do to help here on forum, then I will guide players forward. I hope it doesn't feel like an extra step to contact support after reading this :)

    And I'm really happy to hear you like the game!

  • I don't disagree with the need for one on one troubleshooting and a help desk style support model, especially when it comes to account specific issues. But this is not always the best response to what is clearly a global issue, or a software bug. I definitely agree with the guy who says "my browser crashes when i am running plugin A and click button B' that is a user specific error ... and probably user induced as well.

    Issues that can be clearly identified as code or infrastructure issues that affect large groups, such as an entire server, every server on a particular patch, or the entire platform, should be able to be reported as a community issue. A single developer, reading the forum once a day, and giving a response of "we will add it to the known bug list" only to the threads that match certain criteria (stickied to the forum) would go a long way in showing the community they listen.

    Just my suggestion for improving the overall experience.