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  • How can someone have completed 59 rounds, still be career level 1 and have no career engine? Is this likely to be a personal decision or is there a way of playing RN that doesn't give access to the career structure?

  • Hi there mgc49,

    That's a really good question. Career engine will open when player reaches level 2, and you can tune it up in the lobby with career points. If someone has completed 59 rounds and hasn't reached level 2, sounds like a big mystery to me. Please advice this player to contact game support to have his / her account looked at. I personally have never heard of an active player who didn't get the career levels or the lobby opened.

    Could there be something missing in the player's activity? It is a pretty straight forward and easy road to get the Career engine. Anyways, please guide the player to contact support and they will help figure it out for sure.

  • Ok … so putting together what you both said … might it be possible that this player played 59 rounds before the career structure was created then took a break and is now playing her first round since then? would that do it?

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  • Yeah, that or she could simply not redeem her achievements.

    She could have all the achievements (and carrier points) available in her lobby, but not know about them, or choose not to play with them.

    As long as you don't click on "collect the achievement", you don't get the carrier points.

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