Bonus videos unmute tab

  • Ok, I want to collect the bonuses provided at the buildings via the videos. But, each time I do, it unmutes the tab. I mute it, and it unmutes it again immediately, again and again. Dont want to mute the computer as I may be listening to music, or some movie.. But, the RN stuff totally obliterates any mood music of video imparted, but blaring over them while collecting. Very OBNOXIOUS that it unmutes, unmutes, unmutes, unmutes, unmutes, unmutes, unmutes during the playing. X(

  • There's something familiar about this topic :)

    Sound is on mute, but....

    Has the muting worked earlier and the issue is back, or has it been there the whole time since last November? I haven't seen any unmuting videos or discussed about the topic in a long time, so I'm a bit out of the loop with this one. Can you help me with the details @Cidron?

  • it never fully cleared up, but was far better than now. Almost every video unmutes. To stay silent, I have to go to another tab and mute the RN tab. But, upon return (to see second vid, for example) it unmutes, then I get to mute all over again from another tab