Movie Quiz

  • Here goes a small movie quiz! Can you find all 10 movies from this image?

    How to play?
    You can copy the image to your desktop and draw lines to connect all the words + goods, or write the 10 movie names in your answer - or do both! As long as all sentences and goods icons are used once per sentence / goods

    The first one to find all 10 movies will win 200 Gold
    Three random players from among those who find all 10 movies will also win 200 Gold each

    If you want to participate in the prize draw, please remember to mention the name of your game world where the Gold can be sent (e.g. COM202 Loch Ness). Only those answers with a game world mentioned can take part in the prize draw, but you are free to participate even without a game world of course!

    This thread is moderated, and all answers will be published once the contest is over on Sunday 5th of August, 21:00 UTC (9pm).

    Good luck and have a great weekend!

  • 1) Children of the Corn
    2) Dude, where's my car ?
    3) Saving private Ryan
    4) Full metal jacket
    5) Iron man
    6) Ed wood
    7) Rear window
    8) The toy story
    9) Slumdog millionaire
    10) Stand by me (the passengers)

    Fr-201 Eiffel Tower, sacroima :)

    Fr-201 Bad Wolf de coeur

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  • 1 children of the corn
    2 Dude, where's my car
    3 saving Private Ryan
    4 full metal jacket
    5 iron man
    6 ed wood
    7 rear window (I don't know any movie with the combination rare and one of the goods)
    8 the toy story
    9 slumdog millionaire
    10 stand by me
    See also the attachement

    Naike - Steam Boiler - COM1

  • Movie name / Good Icon
    Children of the corn / Grain
    Dude, where's my car / Car
    Saving private Ryan / Memory/flash chip (electronics)
    Full metal jacket / Metal sheet
    Iron man / Iron
    Ed Wood / Wood
    Rear window / Window
    The toy story / Toy (duck)
    Slumdog millionaire / Money
    Stand by me / Passengers

    Is it a typo in the picture? I mean at number 7, I assumed the movie was "Rear window" while in picture it is spelled "Rare"

    COM101 Rocky Mountains

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  • Children of the corn (wheat)

    Dude wheres my car (car)

    Saving private ryan (Electronic chips)

    Full Metal Jacket (Sheet metal)

    Iron Man (Iron bars)

    Ed wood (wood)

    Rear window – (Windows)

    The Toy Story (Ducks)

    Slumdog Millionare (money)

    Stand By me (Passengers/people)

    Com03 - Smoke Chamber