Layout issues new city endgame overview

  • the new layout of the endgame goodlist that sorts the goods left to right is not in line with all other overviews that sorts largest to smallest and down. This in itself is confusing to have one differently sorted overview.

    but the left to right sorting also causes issues

    in the below overview the Sheet metal is set as called good.
    The mayor bonus is set to glass (offline good)

    this could be interpreted as glass is the called good as city bonus and mayor bonus are shown behind the good.
    during the endgame it already caused confusion with several players .

    My preferred solution would be that the sorting of endgame goods is changed to largest to smallest down then right.
    secondairy solution could be to move the called good symbol behind or more inside between the good avatar and the percentage bar.
    or there should be more spacing between the left list of goods and the right list of goods so that icons do not overlap